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Nov 2018
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity.
Have I been there today ? But it’s easy to be.
Ever heard the expression “ idle hands n devil”

Loneliness fills the empty void if you are idle
Expanding loneliness to fill that barren space
Virtual reality I know that’s not the answer
Ever watched the kids these days at play ?
Levels of loneliness expand within availability
See when spare time gathers you start to feel

Occasionally being reminded of those bygones
Friends and family you’ll not see again is real.

Let that not bring you down, try meditation.
Only then can you believe you are in control
Not giving yourself time to be at all maudlin
Each day loneliness can be kept at bay.
Loneliness is a dull sloth that can be tamed
In not letting things get to you in any way.
Not giving up to the inevitability of old age.
Even if bits keep falling off your body ev’y day
Stoop n build ‘em up again with worn fingers
So many times in life you seem to hit the rocks

Oh yes I know ,you say , “ tell me how you feel”
Feelings ? Well I’m pretty sure you’ll fill y’socks

Anyway , they all can see that you’re still real

Poets are a very special breed of person.
On a scale of one to ten I guess a nine.
Experience fills their minds to overflowing
To the point where they’ll burst or put it right

On that occasion best sit an’ write a poem
Friends can then receive it straight overnight

Love each friend you have “Without condition”
Only then can see that friendship is alright
Nothing ventured,nothing gained , a fine ideal.
God granted us the sacred power to choose
Ethereal guides stand there in our background
Vicissitudinous opportunity presents itself.
I as a poet and friend  I know this to be true.
True as the nose upon a happy poets face.
Yours is the life , yours the opportunity anew.

Written by Philip
November 18th 2018.
The levels of loneliness of a poet of longevity
Oliver Philip
Written by
Oliver Philip  76/M/Q ld Australia
(76/M/Q ld Australia)   
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