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Nov 2018
By profession,
I am good at

I am used to
the cruelty
of human upon

wounds of wars
and words

delicate deceits that
brush lips with skin
and skin with finger -

like him, I look at bodies
and see stories
I see bruises and scars
that conceal secrets

I can read crimes
as clearly as if
they were written
in blood across
the scene

this game should be
beneath us

he is cruel
and offers a
chance, smaller
than anything
I’ve seen on a
microscope slide

but still, breathing
existing, taunting

leaving me breathless
and broken

it squeezes my
heart as if the
blood inside is
a poison that
needs extracting

my once logical
mind quivers
under his kiss

and empties

he is the ****
that grows beneath a flower
until it is too wild
to ****
Emma Elisabeth Wood
Written by
Emma Elisabeth Wood  F/UK
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