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Nov 2018
Through the atmospheric
Forest green
I found the fruit and vegetable
Of nourishment
On a cloud shaped tree
There it was dangling
In the star lit morning
Under my conscious dream

While I floated outside of my being

Answers for the cancers
That mauled and screamed
Cures for the homosaphien
Strength for the weak
I filled my basket
And both my cheeks
I saw the future standing
On the passing steets
Directing the traffic
That ran over me
I began to wake up
And lose what I'd seen
So I grabbed my pen
And recollected
This memory

Number nine
Down the spine
Of sublime algorithms
And unconscious mimes
Picking at the brain
With a vultures dine
Dinner for nines
Times nine
81 times
I eight one
It tasted like knives
Where was my dream
Of honey bee hives
Replaced by a scheme of numbers
Through the atmospheric
Forest darkening
Searching for a light
That could shed some sight for me
I found some fireflies
Floating in the iris eyes
Thankfully hoping
They could lead me to Jesus Christ
Number nine
I woke up to the scene of crime
I saw me in the mirror
Gulity of living life
Forgive me for sinning
Of everyday and time
I was just out foraging
For something encouraging
And found many things
Number nine
Oh! How I'm
A victim
Of my own demise
Written by
JaxSpade  M
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