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i dreamt about someone
i don't want to remember,
my heart begged not to think
but it overcame me;
the promises i lost
and memories i keep,
why can't escape you,
even when i sleep?

dream, #2

i'd call it more of a nightmare.
your face illuminated in the moonlight,
glowing, soft and gentle features—
who were you, i wonder?
the stars above us speckling the sky,
i lean on your side, pain in your eyes,
and through your hurt i realize,
you glance at me, afraid, unsure.
my heart is stricken, my mind, it aches;
the surroundings were no match to your beauty.
i draw my hand meekly to yours,
our fingertips touch, i begin to slow back,
you're scared now, drawing weary breaths,
yet you held my hand, and i felt so real.
closing my eyes, sinking deeper into your arms,
and letting the night encase us both,
the sky felt true and memories numb,
but i knew it was all a dream.

dream, #1

i had a dream where i was on a boat with a beautiful stranger beneath the stars. they looked so in pain, yet so strong, with these eyes that were so stunning and hurt i just can't forget it, and it was inspiring
you defined my pain
and i'd be lying if wiped my tears and told myself
this lasts forever
my mind tricks me into thinking
i was worth something to you
because we all know, in the end,
my regrets will pile forevermore
and i can't say that
the words i speak have good intentions
everyone gives me hope that
i can be something more,
but i know
i mean nothing to the world

now read it from bottom to top.

abstract, #1

inspired after i read the poem "pretty ****"
why do tears leave all the stains
and smudge the ink i used?
why must you always rearrange
the tattered and abused?
yes, some things are too torn to fix,
but here i pray and wish and wish—
oh, these everlasting blues
i broke three promises made to you:
one, to always feel with heart,
two, to yearn when we're apart,
three, never admit wrong from the start—
my mind the stars and world the chart
oh, it's torture, everlasting blues,
why do i do what i do?
said i wasnt going to write about sadness again, im not sad, it's just i have a whole pile of poems left from when i was
enchanting, starless night
gently spilled moonlight
paint me in its fright
my heart is to ignite
love, shall we rewrite
beneath the meek twilight—
calling for the night,
"oh, cold and shattered bite,
embrace me in moonlight"
. had to repost, i think it deleted?? idk where the original is :(
perfectly poised, i paint poignant statures
alive yet devoid, an entrancing actor
diamonds and daggers i dazzled through
a circus girl's cunning, but a heart beats true

pirouette, ball change, waltz and twirl
singsong silly circus girl
my heart is heavy but i cannot weep
my eyes are closed but i never sleep.

the deepest oceans are the darkest ones
miracle eyes outshine the sun
forsaken forever, my heart you won
oh, miracle eyes, mend love undone

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