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julia 7d
Through the thicket and tempting tweet
coo downy gazes of passerine;
For 'yond it's feathers darkened blue,
I reached up, calling after you.
must be fate
julia 7d
Intertwining vines between thin fingers,
ones which bear knives but adorn blossoms and bliss—
The once crafted petals pouring deep into carved wounds,
as crimson hues cascade, thorns threading every stitch

Whilst sewed beneath the seam, a poison I had dreaded so
which skewed my sharpened vision, my heart weakened to a woe
The stitch I sew is weak, although, must I dread when we're apart?
For the venom strikes within my veins and steals my somber heart.
Written July 2019
julia Oct 7
Mother used to spill soap
into my mouth when I cussed
reassuring that it was to prevent me from sin.

Like blood staining the countertop,
I gagged as the sourness trickled down my spine,
exploring every crevice, mangling my insides
It keeps on bruising my body,
but, I'll just wear long skirts.

Coarse enough to be sandpaper,
each stroke leaves my tongue red and raw
Forgetting my dignity, I'll do everything to please you,
bleeding, I'll crawl to you,
licking the bottom of your boots

And maybe, your touch would be the slightest bit gentler,
the slightest bit more loving,
as you grip my jaw, pooling soap onto my tongue
Yes, I'm swallowing it all.

Red, all of it, red
I'll scrape the shattered words from my throat
Aren't you happy? I'm so good, aren't I?  
Oh, yes,
I love you so much.

Red, all of it, red
leaving a hollow pit in place of a throat
even now, you're so tender
cradling me in disgust.

And now,
my teeth are in the sink.
julia Sep 24
The moon seemed strange that night;
even in depths of sky, washed out, deep,
sickly mundane, dreary, threadbare
You sigh, it's nothing new,
the clasp of a pathetic idolized painting
It all
continuously fades into background noise.

A distant light cuts through the window
A plane, maybe, branching off into night
seen once to be forgotten, perhaps a detail forged by your mind—
This reality you lust for through skewed vision,
you, the puppeteer,
are twisting your only perception.

The constant buzzing will only get louder
you choose to ignore the aches as it shrieks
It's panting, drooling, devouring you inside out
teaching you the coppery taste of blood—
Mundanity can't be the answer, right?

Perhaps it is in human nature
to aimlessly claw towards the clouds
Bright, unrealistic,
obedient, fulfilling the hunger of need,
it can be what you will it,
far more enticing than any night sky

So you heave your broken body along,
even far after your bones have died.
After all,
everything was already fractured to begin with.

Ah, well...

Close the curtains,
you were once scared of the dark
The moon, tired, beaten to death
still gawked at, its lifeless body, cold
You observe its scars, the wounds caving deep,
breathing shallow and bitter,
leave it to rest
and dance around in a hypnotic, bittersweet picture

For yes, you and the moon are one and the same;
All of it,
entirely corpse.
up for interpretation
julia Mar 2019
the first flower bloomed
with her sisters
we watched it waver
as storms weeped
and weathered
we planted more seeds
of glowing hope
wishing, one day  
we could see
it flourish
into a beautiful garden
we could explore

love, #2

inspired by raz's spring poem
i have hope for a new beginning, a happier one
anyone wanna be friends? :-)
julia Feb 2019
i dreamt about someone
i don't want to remember,
my heart begged not to think
but it overcame me;
the promises i lost
and memories i keep,
why can't escape you,
even when i sleep?

dream, #2

i'd call it more of a nightmare.
julia Feb 2019
your face illuminated in the moonlight,
glowing, soft and gentle features—
who were you, i wonder?
the stars above us speckling the sky,
i lean on your side, pain in your eyes,
and through your hurt i realize,
you glance at me, afraid, unsure.
my heart is stricken, my mind, it aches;
the surroundings were no match to your beauty.
i draw my hand meekly to yours,
our fingertips touch, i begin to slow back,
you're scared now, drawing weary breaths,
yet you held my hand, and i felt so real.
closing my eyes, sinking deeper into your arms,
and letting the night encase us both,
the sky felt true and memories numb,
but i knew it was all a dream.

dream, #1

i had a dream where i was on a boat with a beautiful stranger beneath the stars. they looked so in pain, yet so strong, with these eyes that were so stunning and hurt i just can't forget it, and it was inspiring
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