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Nov 2018
Open your eyes
and you will
see the answer.
Look again with
the eyes of
your heart but
deeper beyond
the surface.
Be still and
view as if from
the mountaintop.
The ordinary is
deceptive and
so confusing.
What you see
with optical eyes
are actually illusions
and not quite
usually true.
For the heart
knows what is
in the mind
of the spirit
The secret is
revealed but yet
not too open.
Until you seek
with a sincere
heart it is still
not yours.
You must with
effortless effort,
completely yield
yourself in surrender
to it's biding.
There is a sacrifice,
to be paid,
a perfect one,
the one that
empties and drains
the soul in need,
but certainly and
fortunately it has
been paid and
eternally you are
justified and redeemed.
Because you overcame,
you are now,
the freed forever.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Emeka Mokeme
Written by
Emeka Mokeme  M/Nigeria
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