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1h · 21
Within this space
of my happy place.

There, inside my heart
in my aloneness,
and solitude
in my quiet moments
and inner silence.

Within my heart,
in the stillness
of my soul,
i find the peace
that i seek.

As if my soul
touched the clouds
and the whole
universe shrinks
before my eyes
becoming one with me.

Of that which
i seek in myself,
i found in within.

Like the seed
within a fruit,
i now become.

And like a
ripe fruit that
fell off the tree,
i am.

Alone and ready
to sprout and
bloom in the
royal garden.

New amongst
the exotic plants,
i must blossom.

Among the
royal princes,
my regal rope,
i wore.

Seems i am
a verse in the
chapter of a
new book.

I blended and
subtly merged,
now tangled with
the galaxy.

I am now
the sun and
the moon and
the stars of
the universe.

I became the water,
penetrating into
all things.

I became the air
within the wind
floating in space.

I became
all things within
and without.

And in all
things i found
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
1h · 23
I don't trust you
enough to open
the door to
my inner chamber.
I left you on
the portal of
my heart to
test your zeal.
I must learn
your dance steps
in order to
play with you.
The beats of
your drums,
i can't still
yet understand.
I can't just
open my confused
heart to you,
it is still sore
from the pain
of silvery dagger
that once pierced it.
Play your healing
flute well to
soothe my brokenness.
Dance but step softly
on those wounds
for it still hurts
so badly.
Maybe the wind
from your tender
soft steps will
bring healing on
its wings to
put out the heat
of the pain i feel.
Just a little press,
a little push forward
will gain you
enough entrance to
possess my heart.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
3h · 113
I became an
electrician in order
to fix the light
inside your smile.
I became a driver
in order to
take you to exotic
and beautiful places.
I became a physician
in order to be
a balm of Gilead
to heal your
deepest wounds.
I became a chef
in order to take
care of your well-being.  
As an alchemist
i will transform
all the past hurts,
shame and mistakes
into gold.
I became a gardener,
so i can plant
beautiful flowers to
bring succor and
comfort to sooth
your soul.
I became a priest
in order to
draw out your
inner spiritual essence.  
I became a king
so you can
become an asset
to rule in my castle.
I became all things
in order to
win your heart.
I am so in love
with your essence.
®2019,Emeka Mokeme.
3d · 44
You kept silent,
while there's so
much words in
your mouth.

Your silence
hurts my feelings
and that of everyone.

Hidden and contained
within a secret place
in your heart.

You know what
to say but
you decided to
be quiet.

Your words of
knowledge could
have saved lives.

Your heart is
so full of wisdom
but you hide
behind the depth
of your feelings.

You captured the
whole scene with
the eyes of
your mind but
you didn't share
any of it.

You watch
the slide show
by yourself.

In your face,
i can see
the night and
the day,
i can see
the darkness and
the light.

I can see
the pathway to
the valley and
the mountain.

I know the
secret ways of
the plants.

I can hear
the messages of
the crickets chirping
in the dark.

I can feel
the subtle flutters
of the hidden
energy within the breathe.

I can sense
your joy fully
and your pain even
before you feel it.

I understand your
deepest doubts and
your confusion.

And I know
how all that
makes you feel.

I know,
believe me,
I know.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
3d · 26
There is still
hope for the
heart that trembles
because of helplessness.

There is no
amount of darkness
experienced that light
cannot defeat.

No matter how dark
the night becomes,
a flicker of light
sends it away.

There is no
crooked place
however deep that
water cannot penetrate.

Every tempest
however dreadful is
just for a moment.

There comes
a time in
our lives that
even the heart
gets tired in
fighting the enemy.

There is nothing
in this world
worthy of do
or die affair.

Every accomplishment
wears out and
the heart seeks
for another.

All the things
you hold dear
or think that matters
is just a figment
of your own imagination,
they all fizzle
out in time.

And at last,
you will find out
that the most
important thing
in your life
is relationships.

Those relationship you
never wanted
will be the same
corner stone of
your story that
makes up the
textures of your life.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
3d · 28
What my heart
sees is the
beauty in you.

And my eyes
beheld the reflection
and silhouette of
your essence.

To feel you
is what my
heart desires.

The universe shrinks
before my eyes
becoming the ions drops
in eternity binding
the feminine shape
of you.

This happens when
two worlds collides.

There's no breath
except the breathe
of you.

There's no air
except the power
of the wind.

There's no thirst
except for the
taste of water.

There's no light
except the sparkle
of the sun.

There's no moonlight
or the twinkling stars
except the brightness
of your soul.

There's no soul
except the spirit
inhabits the body.

There's no life
except the
quickening spirit.

With the light
in your eyes
and the sun
in your smile,
you shine and
radiates beautifully.

And now
because of love,
our lives merged
becoming one.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Oct 8 · 56
Emeka Mokeme Oct 8
This life is
so beautiful with
you in it.
Your love makes
it vibrant.

Your smile radiates
like the morning sun,
as i remember
your face as
it hung on
the memory wall
of my heart.

Your voice is
like the subtle
drizzling of the
rain falling softly
in morning.

I can still hear
your footsteps
walking around,
rustling on the
dry leafs
in the garden.

Just thought of
you today to
let you know
i remember you
You influenced my life
in a beautiful way.

It's amazing how
much your love
touched my heart,
transforming my life
into a beautiful soul.

Like an exotic
flower blooming
in the winter,
i blossom because
of your care.

It's lovely to
have you in my life.
My heart needs
you as one
tasty of water.

I remember you today
and i know
you are at peace
where ever you may be.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Oct 5 · 226
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
There is always
healing for the
deepest wounds.
The hurts and
the pains of
the heart can
be definitely and
permanently healed.
This truth is eternal,
nothing is too
hard for the
spirit to reverse.
When you yield
totally and completely,
amazing things happens.
Do it now,
when there is
still time.
you will wish
you had started today.
Comforting and soothing
is the touch
and feel of
the blissful presence
of the spirit within.
Come and taste,
and see that
the heart where
the spirit dwells
is full of
love and tenderness.
It is invisible
and yet uncommon.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Oct 5 · 31
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
Distorted reasoning
comes like a
wildfire to confuse
the mind.
The mind needs
calmness without
ripples to feel
the flutters of bliss.
I have three eyes,
two to look,
and one to see.
Even the man
the gods protect,
protects himself.
My heart is
my God,
that is where
the God of
my heart dwells
and so i
fear no man.
To be careful
is not to
be afraid.
If you want
to live,
then conquer
your fears haunting
your heart.
Deep thoughts hidden
in the depths
of the heart
without verbal
expression distorts the
heart and confused
the mind.
It needs utterance
to be free.
I would rather
breathe through
the unknown and
allow it to
unfold before me.
Take me where
you wish so
my destination is
a mystery and the
journey becomes magical.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Oct 5 · 28
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
What is this thing
that you see
in my heart
that trips you
to fall to pieces.
I'm really not
that so cool,
you see.
I'm so broken
like a damaged good.
Maybe you can
fix and polish
my brokenness
with your mixture
of silver and gold
to make it glow
and shine like
the brightest star
in the firmament.
With your love
dancing in my heart,
i can come
alive again.
This pure sweetness
overtakes me with
alluring beauty.
Hope to love
once again is
This is what
my heart desires.
A selfless love
from an amazing heart
to an undeserved soul.
My heart will
definitely dance to
the music of love
from your soul.
I am no
longer lost,
for I'm found
by a beautiful soul
with a graceful heart
and a sweet alluring smile.
Now the new dawn
is finally here,
i arise with
love from within
like the sun.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Oct 5 · 24
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
Our heart grieves
in our weakness,
and we felt as
weak as water.
Some days can
be much more
difficult than others.
The winds change
and the storms
of trial come
and go in our lives.
But we know
that out of suffering
have emerged the
strongest souls;
the most massive
characters are seared
with scars.
I have all three
ingredients the
first time,
rather i put
my everything in you.
My trust
My love
My honesty
My loyalty
My faithfulness
My heart
My soul
My spiritual connection
My prayers
All of them
merged in me,
and we are one.
persistence and
willingness to never
give up are
keys to winning
our battle.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Oct 5 · 24
Emeka Mokeme Oct 5
You awakened
something in me.
The coiled
sleeping serpent
has woken up
to bite.
I just want
to smooch,
caress and have you,
to explore your
body tonight.
I'd love to
feel your essence
and touch.
With my eyes closed
I'm so lost in
my dream of you.
Make me to
wake up inside
of you my love.
i can feel
your tongue on
my crutch and
all over me.
It made my
**** hard,
so hard.
this is so sweet,
you are sweet,
my candy crush,
my love.
I need to
taste your ****,
i can't stop
until the honey flows.
Come wrap your
arms around me
to put out this
fire burning within.
You are my thickener
and my softener.
The fan in
my hotness to
put out the
volcanic eruption
on my waist.
Together we can
ignite the moon
and the sun
to make the
stars sparkle.
I love to
rest in your cloud.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 24 · 68
Emeka Mokeme Sep 24
I am invisible
and invincible,
an unknown image,
known only with
my visible mask,
an invisible soul,
hidden behind the veil,
shrouded in the
cocoon called
the body,
peeping through
two tiny holes,
from the invisible.
And the one writing,
is invisible  
with an invisible heart,
penning the words
of the invisible thoughts,
flowing from the
invisible through the
cracks of the
invisible powerful mind.
An invisible soul
dwelling within
a sound visible body
with a sound
invisible mind,
doing the impossible
and great things
with giant strides
to influence and
impact my world.
I dominate and subdue
the oppressors and
adversaries with the
might of an invincible
invisible warrior.
I healed the
sick and afflicted
with the invisible and
powerful affection of
my invisible love
from my invisible heart.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 24 · 43
Emeka Mokeme Sep 24
Give yourself
a meaning because
you are the
meaning of true
If only your
eyes saw souls
instead of bodies,
you will understand
the mystery of creation.
You will be amazed
how different your
ideals of beauty
would be,
because you will
see the incredible
impressive impact and
loveliness of inner
radiance of true beauty.
Even if for
a moment you
feel and quietly
listen to your
heart beat,
you would have
truly seen humanity.
Take your time
to look deeply
into the eyes of
one close to you,
reflected there is
the same anxiety
of that of every person.
Don't forget to
see the smile
of each individual,
it tells the
true story of
love and loneliness.
Invading your
neighbors vineyard
by force is
a terrible sign
of serious damage,
an incurable
stomachache and
a regrettable source
of eternal loss.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 24 · 51
Emeka Mokeme Sep 24
As my
friendly lover
and my most
loveliest friend.
Destiny binds
us together.
Heart called to
the heart,
and love answered,
merged us
beautifully in bliss.
Our heart met  
and love blooms.
Beautifully it happened,
like a butterfly
dancing in the wind,
drawn to a
beautiful flower,
love found us.
Indeed she saw
my past
and stepped into
my future.
Customized with
my completeness.
Love could never
have found a
better home than
our hearts.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 24 · 63
Emeka Mokeme Sep 24
My ears are
not here to
listen to your
nasty words.
If it doesn't
bring solace and
healing to comfort
my tender heart,
then keep silent,
and be quiet
for it makes
my ears tingle.
My ears are
also neither for
nor just to
wear earrings but
as a satellite dish
designed to sensitise
my being,
feed my soul
with things that
edify my heart
and leave the fairest
impressions of love
to ignite my life
with the fire of
the spirit to
light my path.
Speak to me
only the words
that resonates with
my soul in
response to completeness
of your love.
Out of the heart
the mouth speaks
good or evil,
both the words,
the mouth and
the heart becomes
corrupt or give life,
defile or sanctify
the whole body system,
to become *****,
or a saint.  
It's time to
mend your words
and like the
flow of honey,
let your words
come out so sweet,
to comfort the
brokenness of every heart.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 24 · 31
Emeka Mokeme Sep 24
Do you travel
east or do you
travel west.
How do you travel,
my friend.
Is it to
the south side
or the north.
Where do you
travel to and
where do you
travel from.
The whole world
is yours brother man.
Everything created
have their
place and purpose.
They help us
to flourish.
None is on this
earth by mistake.
Make room for each.
It was meant to be.
Stretching a little,
sometimes a little
more than a little,
to get to what
we crave for
is the way of
all creatures,
great and small.
There is only
one temple of
the Spirit and
that is our body.
When you touch
someone else with
your heart and
your hands,
you touch heaven.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 24 · 42
Emeka Mokeme Sep 24
There is only
one thing that
my heart ever
wanted and desired.
Something very special
and simply so sweet
that it craves for.
The only thing i
could give myself to,
something that i
ever yearn for.
And this is it,
that I'll never
be consumed by
the love of
someone who yearn
to occupy and
possess my heart,
the giver of love,
a lover of my heart
more than by
the love of the self,
that emanates
from my soul.
Self love is beautiful,
it's definitely the
true beginning of love.
To cherish yourself
opens up the door
to the inner temple.
It takes you
to the sacred corner
of your sanctuary
within your heart
where the candle light
of divine love is lit.
From here,
the showers of rain,
falls softly to wet
the rose of your
inner garden to quietly
unfold tenderly
to bring bliss
and loveliness to
your beautiful soul.
It causes the dews
of love to descend
upon your heart.
And even ignite
the moonlight of love
to shine on your path,
engage and magnetise
your whole being to
be in sync with love.
And boom!,
the true beauty
of love blooms.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 24 · 31
Emeka Mokeme Sep 24
There is just
something excellently
beautiful about you.
I'm so lost
without it.
Each time
i close my eyes
i remember all
those funny little
things you say
and do to me.
It still makes
my feelings want
to burst.
I'm so devastated
without your presence.
I'm here just
because of you,
can't you see
I'm just here
because of you.
I'm so done
without you,
this is the
place of bliss,
a lovely and
radiantly beautiful
Real love is
born here,
a beautiful place
you left me,
i'm so speechless,
it's so stunning,
i can't even
breath or talk
to describe the
I'm so breathless
my love, help me.
It's been a while
i felt this way
about something
so profoundly
I'm so helpless,
can it ever
linger for a
little bit more.
It seems like
i'm floating in
the clouds with
my wings spread out.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 19 · 69
Emeka Mokeme Sep 19
The stars joyfully
the moon to
mystify the starry
night sky,
waiting for the
sun to rise
at dawn to
greet the morning.
Bringing the
new dawn to fruition
with better days ahead.
Tomorrow beams
with beautiful
hues of divine light
and love.
The flowers blooms,
attracting the bees
for pollination,
with the message
of hope and
fresh breathe.
The children playing
and singing in
the rain again,
voices and laughter
heard in the garden.
And for the
first time in a
long time,
peace and happiness
returned with gladness.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 19 · 55
Emeka Mokeme Sep 19
With the arrows
of betrayal
piercing my back,
i still care about you.
With my brokenness,
my heart still
desires your presence.
With the stomachaches
and intense body pains,
i struggled and
wriggled through
the mountains and
across the sea
to get to you.
With what seems
like an impossible fit,
i surmounted the
challenges with
painstaking effort
and harrowing fatigue
just to bring relief
to ease your pain.
Love is the
strength that pushed
and propelled me.
Without it,
my frail and
tired body will
Love is the
unexpected east wind
that blows through
the cracks from
the unknown of
your darkness to
bring you into
the glorious place of rest,
to make even
your enemies be
at peace with you.
It is the
reason of your rising.
It unlocks and
unleashes favour to
override stagnation.
Unblocks unnecessary
circumstances to
give way and
strike out
your brokenness.
It draws the
attention of  
destiny helpers and
divine enablement to
bear on your situation
and circumstances.
It brings fruition
to your struggles
to establish your endeavors.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 18 · 52
Emeka Mokeme Sep 18
Tiny steps,
great leaps,
fierce force,
powerful mind,
strong soul
awesome spirit,
amazing strength,
a sound mind,
in a sound body.
Doing great things
with giant strides.
A Heirophant.
Wrapped up,
all in one.
Looked for,
they cannot be seen,
Felt for,
they cannot be touched.
Listen for,
they cannot be heard.
But they walk
amongst us,
as elites and
masters and
destiny helpers.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 18 · 37
Emeka Mokeme Sep 18
The enemy in
you is yourself.
The enemy inside,
peeping within
your soul,
whispering through
your mind,
plotting his follies
in your heart.
Hidden behind
the veil and
hiding inside the wall,
he built a
self made prison wall
and fenced himself
in his dungeon
where he wrought
abominable wickedness.
And God said,
love your enemies
as yourself and
he obeyed and
loved himself
for he is
the nearest neighbor
to himself.
There is no
enemy more wicked
than your heart
and no soul
with more problems
than your mind.
Only you can
choose to be
a saint or a demon.
The key to life
and death has
been given to you
because you are
the possessor of
heaven and earth.
Speak now to
yourself aloud or
whisper softly and
quietly to your
soul to redeem
yourself from yourself.
The first and
the last enemy
to conquer is yourself.
Love yourself enough
to love others
enough like you
love yourself.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 18 · 42
Emeka Mokeme Sep 18
Take a deep
walk into
your feelings to
view the heart.
As if standing
on the shoulders
of a giant,
you can see
the valley of
your darkness and
beams of the
light of your rising.
Like the one
lying down at
the wheat field,
you can hear
the subtle walk
of the gazelles,
as if mimicking
the flutters of the
heart racing with
the pulsating and
rhythmic steady
beats of the
one in love.
Listening to music,
you will hear
the voices of
the beloved telling
the stories
of the heart.
Look beyond the
mountains and across
the sea to
see how aloof
and lonely your heart
feels when isolated
and marginalized.
Hidden within the
crevices of your
beautiful life
is everything you
ever needed to
really live,
if you really care
to find out.
Loving and living
your life fully,
without trying to
impress anyone
is all you ever need.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 18 · 39
Emeka Mokeme Sep 18
Since there is
nothing i do
that brings happiness
to your heart.
Even though i tried
but you never
opened up your
heart fully to
accept me.
Only to belittle
and cut me down.
At your feet
is not where
i am meant to be.
With you
i don't feel fulfilled.
Of what purpose then
is this waste,
besides my presence
is not honored and
meant nothing to you.
I have no place
or meaning
in your heart.
You are always angry
about everything,
always complaining
about this and that,
about what i do
and don't do
that ****** you off.
Is there then nothing
i do that makes
you feel good.
Maybe i am
your demon but
i am also
someone's angel.
Am a light
in their tunnel.
Like the air,
without me,
they can't breath.
And since
i have become
your unnecessary
why are you
still hanging around me.
Can't you see,
we are not
seeing eye to eye.
I sincerely don't
want to follow
the path you
choose to walk,
and i refuse
to be that
sinner you want
me to be,  
it is of darkness.
Don't you see
i am like
a butterfly,
happy and dancing
in the wind.
I love the rain
and i love
the quiet path
I've chosen for myself.
None of these
makes you happy,
I'm gone with the wind.
I need to
walk away from
your barrages and
bad temper because
it is ruining
my happy life.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 16 · 61
Emeka Mokeme Sep 16
And the light
entered through the
heart to affect the
known and unknown.

There the rivers
flows through its
tributaries to give
life and light
to heal the body.

Though the heart
is hidden in
darkness away from
the light.

But it is
full of light
and eternal divine love
to cast the
darkness away.

The beauty of it's flame,
full of warmth
and loveliness  
can melt the iceberg.

The darkness,
dispelled and quietly
receded yielding even
to the tiniest light.

Infiltrated and penetrated
through the cracks
into the heart
to vitalize
and give vigor
to the soul.  

The darkness,
can never struggle
with the light,
for there is no
power in darkness

And no power
of victory to
conquer you.
For there is always
a way of escape.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 14 · 60
Emeka Mokeme Sep 14
About this very time
sometime in time.

Unbelievable events that
left me speechless occurred.

So on and
so forth happened.

But i didn't do and
didn't say a thing.

As if dumb,
my mouth was mute.

My tongue stiff
as if stuck to the palate.

Everything failed.
My mind numbed.

With profound impact of
that force on my spirit.

My heart melted,
and my body weak.

As if weak on my knees,
i fainted with exhaustion.

But love came again and
revived me as strength came back.

The tired body received vigour
and as a unicorn resurrected.

Vitalised and awakened,
ready to take another chance.

No retreat,
no surrender for this is my morning.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 12 · 54
Emeka Mokeme Sep 12
I am a
slave in forced
*** labour with a
crazy demon possess
freaking *****.
A slave in
bonds with a
Here I am,
his forced mistress,
a *** slave.
He lied to me
and lay with me,
my body he took
by force daily.  
I am her
slave in chains
and in pains,
a prisoner
pretending to love
a lunatic.
I can still
hear her groaning
and moaning like
an animal in
the other room,
while she waits
as i refreshed.
She's killing me
with her spells
and *** magic.
A slave to
a wild man.
A slave in
locked up in
a *** dungeon,
abused daily.
But in my
soul i am free,
even though i
can't see the
day light or
the morning sun,
only a flicker
of light from
the doorway and
the incandescent of
the moon light
at night penetrating
through the cracks
of the window.
I am a
*** slave working
day and night,
but poorly fed
to satisfy the
wantonness of a
devilish man and  
a whorish woman,
insatiable in their
****** desires.
Their appetite for
*** is terrifying.
Only a demon
possess freaking
prince and princess
of the dark
can match their
Free me now,
i beg of you.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 11 · 71
Emeka Mokeme Sep 11
Beyond the far side
over the hills
and the mountains,
across the river bank
and the ocean,
within the cool breeze
of the sea,
at the heart of
all seasons of
ages long gone
and the one to come,
the firmament holds
the secrets of
creation and the ancients
because it has
seen it all.
The sun and
the moon,
the stars of the
galaxy are the
true witnesses to
how man evolved
to become what
they are now.
But their infinite
loveliness are beyond
All the deep
dark secrets absorbed
are hidden and
pulsates within
their heart beat
Unimaginable and
intriguing are the
fabrics woven
interchangeably to
form whatever it is
that made up
the intricate complex
and textures of our lives.
Amazing and glorious
are the beauty
of their breathtaking
Delicately and beautifully,
yet without threats
they protectively
wrapped us in
their infinite loveliness.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 10 · 49
Emeka Mokeme Sep 10
I see in
your eyes all
those things
you wished
that you had,
and the pain
they caused you.
I see in
your face the
longings you
craved for and
the hurts they
created in your
tender heart.
I know how
all of it
makes you feel.
I know the
will abate,
i know the
rain will eventually
definitely always
cease and disappear,
I know that
the seasons will
come and pass
but i also
know that the
ocean can never
stop flowing or
run dry,
and i know
that the mountains
and the hills
will always
confront us and
never be moved.
But I know
that your heart
will always heal
and love will
always find you.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 10 · 34
Emeka Mokeme Sep 10
Natural expression
of burning love
exude from the
heart and engulfed
my soul with
such great force,
power and strength
with the ability
to overtake
my being and
override my
past mistakes
as it pleases.
With dexterousness,
thus pointing a
way towards a
new lifestyle,
with emotional warmth.
Like a beautiful
flower blossoming,
love sprouts again
in my heart.
But the cloud
of darkness
of the emotional
wound from the
past hurts that
still hovers is
healed but not forgotten.
Love is born again
in my heart
and the light
of love with
its exuberant life
has returned to
finally dwell in
its abandoned castle.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 10 · 45
Emeka Mokeme Sep 10
We know that
when sweetness overtakes
the bitterness of life,
everything will be fine,
the wind will speak,
butterflies will dance,
love will swallow me
and you my dear,
will surely dance
with the wind.
Laughter will be
heard again in
the lonely
abandoned heart.
The sun shall definitely
always rise every
morning to greet you and
shine so beautifully
with a warm smile
to encourage you.
The light of hope
will bring joy
and happiness of
heaven closer to
embrace your heart.
Your night and
dark days shall
be illuminated by
the striking hues
of beautiful rays
to usher in healing.
All illusions shall
melt away to
give way to divine truth.
Bliss shall return
to bring tenderness
to our brokenness.
Your adversaries shall
be subdued for
the sake of freedom.
And your heart
shall experience
the beauty and
sweetness of love.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 3 · 59
Emeka Mokeme Sep 3
Don't be
left out
in the dark
for it is
a terrible place
of the dead.
It is
a dark pit,
desolate and
empty lonely
No one will
ever come for
your rescue.
A forgotten island
meant for the
walking dead.
Come out quickly
from amongst them.
Let the light
of love however
faint or small
shine beautifully
into the tunnel
of your heart,
it will make
a difference.
Untie yourself from
their ******* and
refuse to be
the sinner they
always wanted
you to be.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 3 · 52
Emeka Mokeme Sep 3
What is love.
Tell me what 
it is and where 
can i find it.
Can you tell me,
i beg of you. 
Can't seem
to grasp it.
I know it,
but can't 
understand it.
Is it like 
the flowing river 
meandering towards 
the ocean. 
Can it be
on top of
the mountain or
the ***** of
the hills or down,
down the valley,
or beneath the
sea where the
surf searches the
sand for symbols.
Is it just 
a thought in 
my head or the
tears flowing down
my cheeks or
at the centre
of my laughter.
Is it hidden 
in the stars 
up in the sky 
or lost inside 
the wind blowing 
wherever it pleases 
or in rainfall 
cascading on rooftops. 
Is it a 
flower or in 
the fragrance of 
a rose unfolding 
within the garden.
Tell me where 
the heart of 
love is hidden.
I know it 
is shed abroad 
in our hearts
but can you 
see it.
Can you feel
the presence within,
pulsating inside 
your heart.
Is it within 
the eyes of one 
looking at the beloved 
or is it just 
a dream or 
a figment of 
the imagination. 
I just can't 
figure it out 
because once 
it hits you,
you just gotta 
fall to pieces.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Sep 1 · 57
Emeka Mokeme Sep 1
Embrace each other
but in-brace
in love,
touch each others
soul with the
beauty of your heart,
but feel the flutters
of love deeply
as if drunk
on the wine
of your love.
Know but understand
the very mind
and being of
each other.
You are truly in love:
very much in love.
Embrace each other
with everything
that's in you
to be fused
together as one.
Never ever
let go in
your heart the
one you love,
hold on tight
with your hands
as well as
with your embrace.
Your lives are
intertwined and
woven by love.
The thin line
that binds you
together as one
will definitely and
eventually disappear
after a while.
Be interested in
each others
well-being and
nurture yourselves.
Bliss and peace
shall be
your potions.
Don't worry about
the deep end
of the darkness,
but just float.
For your heart
will fly upward
towards the
morning sun to
be invigorated again
after every dip
in life's storm.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 31 · 51
Emeka Mokeme Aug 31
Will you walk
with me for
the rest of
your life.
It will take us
a lifetime to
climb to this
A great walk
together to be
remembered for the
rest of our lives.
It is a
beautiful walk that
never tires you out.
A great walk that
let us explore
the darkness and
the Valley of
our heart and
help us to
find the light
in our love,
and the mountains
and hills of different
segments of our
lives that teaches us
how to safely circumvent
and walk around
our differences,
and understand
the depth of
our illusions and
A great walk
of faith into
the deep end
of love that
ushers in joy
and gladness.
A walk with
its own complicated
and complex jigsaw
A walk that
let us confront
our vulnerability
and humanness.
Will you still
walk with me my love.
Together we can
fight anything that
threatens our happiness.
Finally at the
end of our days,
when we are
grey with wrinkles
we can joyfully
say we did it.
Will you walk
with me my love.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 30 · 174
Emeka Mokeme Aug 30
Will you be mine,
my love,
my friendly lover
and my most
loveliest friend.
Will you be mine,
my candy crush.
A love that
will never die,
a love to
be desired always,
my darling dear.
Will you be mine.
My heart is
waiting for your
entrance into this
place of love.
Come quickly,
my beautiful one.
This place of love
is prepared for you
my precious one.
The sound you
heard is my heart,
full of joy,
beating the drum of
love just for you.
Will you dance
with me my love.
I didn't set
a trap in
my heart as
a cage just
to catch you,
whip you or
make you cry
but i decorated
this heart with
beautiful garland
of flowers and
so much love
in it to
accommodate and
love you.
Accept my kind
offering with love.
Will you be mine,
my love.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 24 · 53
Emeka Mokeme Aug 24
Ruffled and unsettled,
pressed by the 
loneliness deep
within my being,
joy flew away
like a bird
and perched on
the window pane
of another.
Pain seeps
from the heart
into the bones
and tissues like
hot oil burning
even the marrows.
Only the birds messed
empty cage remains,
to tell the 
intricate and intriguing
stories of once 
inhabited beautiful island,
called "my heart".
How would i
tell another the
beauty and glory
of the joy
long gone,
left on a
beautiful but now
abandoned heart.
Dropped like an
old used earthenware.
But certainly it is 
still needful and
useful like an 
uncultivated farmland.
And the truth
is that this 
very thing
is really worrisome.
How would anyone
new begin to
understand the depth 
of love once shared
by this very heart.
But is it
really real love or
just another mistake,
because i couldn't
win her heart.
Can true love
really be lost.
It is a terrible
accident for it
almost consume me.
Where is this
love hiding,
whisper now to 
my ears where
your true self abides,
so my whole being 
can truly move on 
and my heart may rest.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme
Aug 24 · 63
Emeka Mokeme Aug 24
As we love
in forgiveness,
speak to me
from your heart,
that place of
love and my
heart will resonate.
Be patient
with me my love
and forgiveness will
be our best friend
and daily break fast.
Embrace me as
if you'll never
see me again
and I'll never
go away.
As a fragrance
of ylang-ylang and
lilac oil perfume,
I'll stick with
you like a
beautiful body odour.
Like a dance
to a serenade
of a beautiful orchestra,
you float like
an angel as
i watch you
take a walk
in the garden
this morning.
You are a
beautiful gift from
the gods and
I'll never finish
unwrapping you
in this lifetime.
Take a chance
with me,
let's sail together
far into the sea
of life and
explore love.
Let's love in
forgiveness and patience.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 11 · 59
Emeka Mokeme Aug 11
Now that we stood
at the vortex
of the oblivion,
shall we reconsider
between life and death.
Are we going
to continue with
all this barrage
in the after life.
When we wake up
in the morning sun
of our night,
will there still
be peace or
will doom cover
the whole sky
with children tears.
Or are we
stuck in this
forsaken place
without a helper.
Hiding now  
in the mountains
and caves.
The vortex of
the oblivious beyond
calling out from
between the depths
of the mountains
and the seas,
while the sky,
the moon and
the stars watch.
Inbetween all of
your worries,
even the trees yearns
to be still
but the wind
will not let
the leaves to
be quiet.
Can we truly
keep out the
heat wave plunging
into the soul.
Scary as it
may seem,
entrance to
the great portal
to the vortex
is now open.
And Man will make
himself extinct by
the hands of men.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 11 · 67
Emeka Mokeme Aug 11
Your heart is just
so too beautiful,
i want to
be a part
of your cloud.
Not lagging or
drenched by the
ugliness of a
bad weather.
Driven out of
the hole like
a rabbit running
from a wildfire.
Like the bird
flying away in
a hurry from
the tempest sky,
would i have
a place to
perch in your
beautiful heart.
Like a beautiful
red herring tossed
out of the water,
can i at least
get a chance
to live again.
Can i get
a moment to
snuggle up with
you and take
a cup of
marshmallows in
hot chocolate on
this cold lonely night.
Let me be
the gentle breeze,
soothing and calming
to your frail
tired soul.
Let me into
your presence
as an acolyte
to tend your
inner temple,
i won't disturb
your quiet moments.
Just take a
chance on me,
don't you believe
I'm worth the risk.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 2 · 56
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2
See the way
you made me feel,
i smile like
i won a trophy.
But indeed
you are the
best trophy
I've ever won.
Your presence comforts
my heart and
your words make
the day beautiful.
Your smile radiates
like the stars
in the night sky.
It shines like
the twinkling star,
that caused my heart
to race like
the gazelle running
down the hill
on a quiet evening.
So soft and
tender are your
like that of
a soft smooth
symphony orchestra.
Beautiful as the
sun shinning over
the shimmering snow.
Reminds me of
the joyful tenderness
of a beautiful soul.
You are the
one who makes
my heart smile.
You caused my
soul to flip
like the butterfly
dancing over the
wild flowers in
the orchard.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 2 · 54
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2
I gazed at
the world with
a serene mind.
Just watched as
if i don't belong here.
But i let all
its worries wash
over me like
the unperturbed rock
by the side
of the river bank.
There all the
seagulls and penguin
comes to rest
and to find solace.
Amazing as the
whole world goes by
with or without you.
The world remembers
nothing of your
presence as you
passed on if
you never leave
your contributions behind.
They talk about
this man and
that man who
was born there.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Aug 2 · 166
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2
I don't understand,
but the things
you do
baffles me.

I don't understand,
but my life
mirrors exactly
that same things
you do that
stuns me.

I don't understand,
but the darkness
of the secrets
hidden behind
those eyes
haunts me.

I don't understand,
but even the
cloud speaks
of your stunning
beauty and your
beautiful heart
that marvels me.  

I don't understand
why I don't
understand the
things i don't
that confuses me.

I don't understand,
but the sound
of your heart
reveals the secret
of the love
and the hurts
you feel at
this moment.

But understanding
is all i
ever needed to
understand what
i don't understand,
right now.

Be understanding
with all your
In it there
is no suffering.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Jul 31 · 112
Emeka Mokeme Jul 31
Life is a circle,
we keep bumping
into the very
same things,
like a merry
go round.
We chase,
rather than attract
what belong
to us.
They confront us
standing like a
magic mirror to
show the past,
the present
and perhaps
a way forward.
Are we the
one searching for
answers or
maybe they are
searching for us.
Truth is that
we keep repeating
ourselves in
the same process,
as if it's
our spiritual and
perpetual ritual.
Never fully
finding the truth
and answers to
our dreams,
until our soul
in weariness retires
in eternity and
merge with the
light when the
great spirit beckons.
And the universe
enfolds and gladly
embrace us within
its glorious light.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Emeka Mokeme Jul 31
It was just
cuteness overload,
as this
evening sunset
ushers in
the twilight
with effortless efforts
so beautifully.
It's effects
touched the
heart magnificently.
The freshness
of this mystical
beautiful evening,
enchanting and
magnificently blissful,
prepares the moment
for tomorrow.
As we individually
speak forth
with faith
into the deep,
so shall it
bring forth
fruits sowed
according to
our intense
deep desire.
What you sowed,
is what you get.
You must
rewrite your night,
to manifest
your day star.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Jul 31 · 48
Emeka Mokeme Jul 31
Sad beautiful truth
we must confront.
Love has wings,
flies away when
not nurtured and
if iniquity wraps
the heart.
Love with all
your heart at
this present moment,
before your morning
turn into night.
Love stays
only when your
ego dies.
It will embrace
your heart,
only if you can
genuinely forgive
yourself and the
one you hurt.
Love kills the
pride of self
with its light,
piercing softly through
the darkness of
the soul.
Softly it binds the
two hearts together.
Nothing can be
more beautifully gracious
than hope uniting
two in love
making them one.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Jul 26 · 131
Emeka Mokeme Jul 26
The smile of
nature touches
the soul.
Nothing makes
the flowers
not to
share unreservedly.
Its fragrance
so endearing.
Their loveliness
appeals to the
eyes as they
unfold slowly
like the light
piercing softly
through the doorway
in the morning.
The morning
rain is beautiful,
and the flowers
are so grateful
as it cascades
so gently and
subtly so softly
on their tender leaves.
The flowers dancing
in the rain
at the sounds
of its rhythmic fall
to the ground.
The rain and
the flowers
having fun together,
as they await
the sunshine to
soon manifest,
for the cosmic law
fulfills all things
©®2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Jul 26 · 125
Emeka Mokeme Jul 26
This chain
of love is
connected to
heaven and earth,
like the sky.
As the
ocean breeze,
soothing and
calming to
my soul.
Your presence
is like
a balm
to my heart.
Like you flowed
down from
the throne,
of heaven
as if poured
from the
silvery chalice
for a purpose.
The lit
place of love
is where you,
my love
are contained.
That's where
you are going.
Right in my
heart you shine.
Beautifully crafted,
as if sculptured
by an Angel.
You make
my world glow.
Lovely and radiant,
you are
the one
that shines.
©®2019,Emeka Mokeme.
Jul 17 · 264
Emeka Mokeme Jul 17
In darkness of
my dreaming,
the light of you
will stay.
The light in
the darkness
of my heart
shines because
of love in it.  
Like the sky,
you are a
beautiful dream,
wrapped by a
piece of yarn
linked to the
starry sky.
My love is like  
a diamond buried
in the mud
of the heart.
Needs nurturing to
make it glow.
The strength of love
in your heart
makes the light
of your diamond shine.
Like a tree
that stands strong
on the cold lake,
the depths of
morning sun greets
you with love
to warm your heart
with tenderness.
The liquid iron
that flows in
the water shall
be gathered again
and be strengthened,
for the roses
blooming in the rain
are extraordinarily
©2019,Emeka Mokeme.
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