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Dec 2012
The world falls upon my long and enduring thoughts, and rises with my hopes and wishful thinking
I blink not because it's normal; blinking
I blink because every time I close my eyes I transfer myself directly from a vivid realization of the pitiful situation we have reached
To a land of ultimate silence, silence that could not be breached
Built by walls of imagery, the eye of my heart makes it beautiful to see
All the mesmerizing scenery created by me
A land surrounded by high fences of imagination,
Secured by troops of my own creation
Governed by my will, though my will is long lost between your selfish lies and infamous deceit
A place I have formed, and living in it would be a treat
Vicinity, where the mundane tragedy is never mixed with what's really dull in our existence
An indulging unknown, where I know no resistance
I wish you can come with me and see the place for yourself, but iam sure that humanity doesn't mis with anything that is pure
Humans and purity are just like oil and water, one lies above the other
Sometimes people sugar coat that ugly truth…but others don't even bother
They climb on their podiums, or sit on their chair
Spread fear and fornication and women in despair
People will never escape
The human form, a shameful shape…
Unless you blink, you quit into a world of your own interlaced with your conscious, for if you haven’t washed out the blood of your hands the color of your dark closed eyes would be red
Because your actions are the outcome of what you think, unfortunately you dumb ****** perform directly and think later instead
I blink not because it's normal; blinking
But because I need to change my state, for with every breathe I'm taking I am perpetually sinking…
-Inspired by a dear friend-
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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