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Oct 2018
They laugh and I smile
I haven't felt this good about myself in awhile
I love making people laugh
It seems to be my craft
I can make everyone feel good with a quick bite of my tongue
...not everyone
I don't make you laugh anymore
I used to make us both laugh till we were sore
I don't think I'll ever make you laugh again
That's because you aren't my lover anymore and you aren't my friend
I'm actually sure you hate me now
It's strange how life can turn out
I saw you in a restaurant and you wouldn't even look at me
It makes me sad to remember how happy we used to be
I miss the sound of your laughter
I miss the conversations we would have after
Now, you probably laugh for someone else
But overthinking is bad for my health
Everyone else will laugh with me tonight
And I'll go home alone and be alright
But I'll try not to cry as I think about you
And all the laughing we used to do.
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