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Sep 2018
You've got two stormy eyes
Like those I read in that book
Who would have thought
that I would have found them in you

I know it sounds cheesy
Nothing has even started
but the dizziness and the heat
and the accelerated heartbeat
Are something I can't ignore

For you, it might be nothing
I'm probably playing a movie
right inside my head
But those eyes, I promise
I don't know how to forget about them

I know you never read it
the book that contains your eyes
But it is one of my favorite
for it makes me believe in magic

It makes me feel special
It makes me believe in hope
It makes me look at the world and think
there's so much I have to explore

It makes me think about beauty
about innocence
about life
about friendship and love

it makes me feel alive.

I love feeling that way.

Many people don't realize it
they say it's just a book
but for me it's more
more than simple ink,
more than simple pages,
more than simple prose.

It's been a while since I held it in my hands,
since I looked into it
and felt powerful and brave

But when I see your stormy eyes,
and I swear this has been driving me insane,
I feel like I'm reading it once again.
Written by
Mar98i  20/F/Italy
   Avi and Jack L Martin
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