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Sep 2018
Maybe I'm alive
Maybe I'm a lie
Maybe I'ma die
Maybe I'ma dive
Off the deep end
Well that depends
How deep your sins
Hold em close
Theyll never know
If you never tell them so
They'll never grow
If you never let them go

Like dandelions shuffle through gusts
A man behind a lie ruffles up husks
Like a bull with no tusks
Who could give a ****

Honestly I.
Work, sweat, bleed and cry.
Lost track of why
Probably cause it is I is who I lie beside
Haa this guy ^
Is who I try to hide
But it's dark inside
Wish I could dance like the raindrops
On your window that wiggle light
When you giggle I just might
Fall back in __
Better to die within
Than to have my heart broken again

So hey, I smile and I joke
Drift home to find
There's no love in this dope
A few know this false hope
Is sometimes the only cope
In mechanisms ambition burns
Turning talent into ashes
Can't tell you what I'm askin
Just please don't stop answerin

I'm just a lonely cancer and
This is how I feel.
Too much.
-Luca Ivaldi
Padro Luca Ivaldi
Written by
Padro Luca Ivaldi  22/M/Texas
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