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Mar 2019
beware the hermit crab
tucked up aslumber inΒ Β it shell
for when you pick him up to
say hello , he may
attach his pincers to your nose

beware the hippopotomus
do not dare tread on his toes
for he may just lean on you
withΒ Β little fuss,
then you are flatter
than a bread crust

beware the flamingo
with pink stalk legs
do not ever steal her eggs
for she can run you down
and peck til your blue and brown

beware the seal
the clown of the sea
If you come to close
They may kiss you
on the nose, now
while that sounds quite cute
remember fish is their fruit
and the never brush their teeth
so their kiss has it's own kapow

beware the wee small things
they need to be watched
for in their world they are Kings
and we are clod hopping giants
with no of all other things aware .
Be aware the world needs more wares...silliness for the growing one
Written by
betterdays  F/east coast australia
(F/east coast australia)   
     Fullfreddo, Monika Layke, Perry and Jules
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