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Apr 2010
April Fool

It was the 1st of April, I had made up my mind,
to take the plunge, leave the worries behind,
I got down on my bended knee, and said this to you
please my love, will you be my bride?,
my heart was pounding, all nervous inside,
I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers, what more could I do

you looked down at me, and gave me a smile,
every thing froze, for it seemed a long while,
but I could tell by the look in your eyes, the news was bad
you said that you cared, deeply for me,
but marrying me, just could never be,
It knocked me back baby, now I'm going mad

I misunderstood, the signs you see,
got confused, just thinking about me,
I assumed you thought, I was really way to cool    
but the things that I thought, were a mere dream,
too much time spent, with my friend Jim Beam,
it's just so obvious now, I'm the April fool

Please don't tell anyone about this,
let me figure out a new plan,
I don't want to be called the April Fool

David Nelson ...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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