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Aug 2018
This trait of happiness is never elusive
It is not peculiar to one person
Because it comes from above
Showered down on all creation alike
The homeless and the one with mansions
All have access
To the throne-room of precious smiles.
As happiness comes from above
We can give it here down below
But it must not stay below
Because then it would die
And then what would become of it?
There would be no one to mourn
Because it would forever abide in the places of the unknown.

But happiness also descends to creation
So now we are endowed on high to create
Mandated to give
Even when we do not see it
The bonds that tie us together
Are formed by this felt warmth which brings us peace
The work we think makes us joyous
Instead makes us feel empty
But the work we avoid as trivial
Is the truest portion that blocks sorrow
So let us rise
And say happiness is not so much someplace else
But it springs from us with open hands to open hearts.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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