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Dec 2019 · 103
Sky Helmet
Michael Kusi Dec 2019
The sky above is my helmet, adorning my head as a crown.
This firmament moves from night to foggy as the sun rises.
Just as this son's hair will shift from dark to grey.
It rains as I reign, and those droplets are sweat off my brow.
The birds that soar above are the diamonds for this headdress.
The thunder overhead sounds like thoughts, that rage in the waning hours.
But the rainbow that follows is the banner of our fathers.
Who marched to war under their colors, just as we fight under colors today.
Now we do not battle so much under the red, white and blue,
But under the red versus the blue versus the white.
The blood of Africa sprints across my veins and into my heart.
My soul is fashioned from the breastplates of those ancient warriors.
Mother Nature knew I had to grow up strong for battle.
So she bestowed on her son that armor of times past to fight
But she never thought that I would need more than armor for this war.
Michael Kusi Jul 2019
it might be tough it might be hard but let’s get it
because what would we be without the struggle
the only thing I could raise was myself up
and even that took some time and some effort
i don’t want to hear how rough you got life
i got life too, it tasted like a catfish
on a warm summer day
just caught from the sea and brought to my plate
but I did not eat the whiskers, I’d tell you that.
I did not eat the whiskers, I’d tell you that
but I had to be in furtherance of my goals
like soccer, but without all that running
and kicking and the ball
on second thought maybe its not like soccer at all
maybe its more like flying
I’m strapped in and everything is feeling good
Its like im in the womb again but the womb
did not feel so cold to the touch I did not move
in the womb now i’m moving fast so fast almost too fast
i wish that I could slow down or just stop
flying is too intense for me lets try something else
like swimming oh wait I don’t know how to swimming what
was I think maybe I should just stop with these metaphors
life is like a box of pizza its all the same the only thing that
changes is the toppings or the amount of slices that you get
those slices don’t feel good or look good they are quick
to the touch and sometimes they make you feel sad
that’s a good metaphor I think I’ll stick with that
it may be tough but we are a lot tougher.
Michael Kusi Jul 2019
My eyes beheld your beauty made for gods
I call it all gorgeously great to see
On sacred earth you walk, your foot so shod.
By the divine you move sunshine to me

Your eyes are performance, a figure greatly grand
You’re ravishing to me, your whole width and all length.
Such cute I can’t attempt to understand
I look and see nothing but a joy and strength

I will to speak my thanks at so much grace.
It’s an honor to view you stand, I’m glad I’m here
I look into your eyes, your lips, and your face
To speak to you I feel a bit of fear

So come with me, and I will give you great talk.
You’re a great queen, and I got the king’s walk.
Michael Kusi Apr 2019
Move right, move left, make sure you don’t get caught.
Hide behind that tree and I’ll cover you
Like video games.

Pass a brush through the hair and put some makeup on.
She will look so beautiful in that dress
Like Barbie.

Pretend that you are the toy soldier that would save the world
Lead the armies of our favorite cartoons against the evil.
Like G.I. Joe.

Build a skyscraper that will be raised up 12 inches up
Daddy said that it looked promising.
This is Lego.

Fly and be the Red Baron to rule the skies
Just watch out for the other toys
This is a toy airplane.

Sail and rule the seven seas through seamanship.
The tub is not the place to have this toy, though.
This is the USS Enterprise, toy form.

Because with the toys of our youth anything is possible
But no one told us that they stayed toys in our youth.
And if our imagination died with those toys.
Did our youth end with that imagination.
We thought we could be any toy soldier.
Mommy just had to buy it for us
And then we could be.
But now we have different action figures.
Called weights and cars and watches
Because we did not so much grow out of toys
As pick different ones once we grew up.
Our youth lives on.
Michael Kusi Apr 2019
If there is strength out there I know where to find it.
Take it by my hands.
Look at it in my eye.
I will not rest, I will not sit until it is mine.
I have never seen strength before
Embodied in a physical form.
I have had strength but it was weakened
And I did not care for it.
My eye was not strengthened by this so-called strength.
I know that coveting is a vice.
Quite literally it is a vice that entraps and ensnares
But my motives are pure
And therefore I do not covet
I aspire.
Michael Kusi Apr 2019
For your cause I am beholden to us all.
Push with all your might and it shall be.
Ignore the pain, the pain of yesterday.
And dwell upon the aftermath of sweet victory.
My God, man I am on the toilet!
I know and the smell of victory in the morning
Smells like the **** that resides in the toilet.
Go away, I need to concentrate!
This is not about concentration, it is about willpower.
Clenching your fists will do no good, they don’t do the work.
You might as well make a face to stare at the sun than to make a face now.
I’m done! Will you stop being weird and lets go.
Now it is time for the washing of hands.
Because we want no evidence of what just happened.
Even those the smell will say to all of us what happened here.
Ugh you’re so dramatic.
Michael Kusi Apr 2019
Put it all on Kusi.
Mike can do it.
Have our hopes, our dreams, our failings, and our successes
Borne on the back of a Michael.
He was named after a soldier angel, after all.
He is ready for the fight
Because Michael was born for the struggle.

Sometimes I feel that it is too much
But I wonder how it was meant to be enough in the first place.
But they are insisting that I could do it.
Why it?
Why me?
Is it looks, strength, intelligence, stamina or humor
That make me ready made to carry the wishes of others.
While other people sleep at peace
I am ill at ease tossing and turning
Having other people’s dreams in my dreams.
There is no rest for the weary
Even my dream life is exhausted.
Because I have not time to dream my own.

What makes me worthy to bear the sins of the world.
Is it the name Michael
Even the Michael from heaven did not carry sacrifice
Is it the name Kusi
A royal name
That missed kingship by this much.
But my ancestors had to leave because of plague
Even royalty was not enough to protect them.
How is it enough to make me strong
But I must remember my heritage
I am God’s soldier angel
So I cannot fail
Even though I forgot how to dream.
Michael Kusi Apr 2019
This poetry is labeled some assembly required.
Some assembly to put together the poetry
And some assembly to listen to this poem.
But I can’t be labeled with just any label.
It is required to label it plus.
The small parts may be hazardous at first
I didn’t choke when I was writing it.
But they will grow on you.
For sure, they still grow on you.
My poems will transform you,
Like turning Optimus Prime into a truck.
It would bring that down to earth drive to figure,
Like turning that truck back into Optimus Prime
Then it would give you great recall,
Like if the Optimus Prime had to go back to the factory.
You can get this from a man in his Prime
Like if I had ordered great poetry off of Amazon.
Or if I got one of the transformers movies about Optimus.
My poetry is like Transformers
You just have to have an optimist in your hands.
Michael Kusi Apr 2019
Today, and yesterday, and the day after
Makes up forever.
Plunge us to the last second of time and times.
We look forward to it.
But keep an eye on the backwards.
Once we are on this beaten path
We cannot go back.
Our eyes are shut to what is behind us.
Throughout the last second of all time
So we beat our fists in tears and rage
Begging for that last second back.
Saying now we know what to do with it.
But time does not care about your knowledge.
It only wants to know about your march forward.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
My God buried in wraps will surely rise again
That broken body will be rebuilt by Godly strength
No Earth Rock could hold him.
No spear could keep him down.
Even though I don’t see him now.
He must be in the other place we don’t speak of
Where the saints come to dwell.
He must have gone there to break them out.
I must help him—
No Michael.
This is more than help, this is prophecy
Jesus is the Commander-in-Chief of the Lord’s Army.
The immortal God cannot reside in hell.
This is just a conjugal visit
To show the Devil who truly reigns in heaven
And who was cast out into outer darkness.
The Devil needed God himself to show up in the midst
The cross was a burial ground
The Devil knows that.
But what the Devil does not know is that the cross is where the Devil’s everything
is buried.
Yes God.
Now we wait for Jesus for rise
Because the same spirit that is in heaven will raise Jesus from the dead.
Because the immortal Son of Man
Cannot stay slain and bloodied forever.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
This part of my life is so long its beginning to seem like a phase
When the hours see sunlight each day to become months.
I wonder when it would be over, but dread what is next.
I hope there is goodness in store for what is up ahead in the forbidden future

I wish I knew what the name is for this stage of life I’m in.
I hope it would a good one, one that shows my growth.
But what if this is the lower parts of my existence?
I hope this history will be kind to me because I intend to document it.

I’ve already begun to journal it, and so far it seems a little grim.
But today was a good day, and that is an upside of life.
The good days add up to great weeks, which make for a good journal.
And a good journal makes for an excellent memoir, by me.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
If you still got that look in your eye, you better blink twice.
Because I am a lot of things, and one of them is to think nice.
You said that you would be there to be beside and care for me.
I don’t mean to sound old fashioned but where art thee.
I couldn’t find you on the Facebooklist or the Instagrammys.
But I just wanted to contact you so you could understand me.
If I could write you a love poem, I would start with this premise.
You are the soul that goes into every one of my life sentence.
And I would conclude with this closing thought from above too.
You don’t have to say He loves me not because  I love you.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
They used wood to put my Jesus on the cross
And ropes from plants to keep him there.
Oh God, my god, he used to work with wood.
He was taught wood work by his father.
And mandated by his heavenly father to stay on wood.
God had wood-work of his own to do.
The Son of Man had to be carved for God’s righteous purpose.
So that the works of sin may be fully ended.
The wood is work Jesus must not abandon
Metal spikes were driven into his wrists
That was a painful drive
As if to say you cant go anyway.
The Jesus who came to the city on the donkey
Would leave the city a dead king.

They slayed my King of Kings
It even says it in the cross.
Why did they assassinate him?
Many men would want to be made God.
My God was killed like a man.
One crown of thorns put in his head.
His head bleeds with royal red.
It drips down his beard and onto his body.
They crowned him but what a throne?
A cross is an instrument of death
It should not be the throneroom to the King of Kings.
They pierced his side.
Soldiers which should protect the King
Were tasked with killing him
That was their job today, to **** God.
Not worship him, **** him.
Not serve him, **** him.
So they put it in his side.

But God could not stay dead.
They took his body away.
Away from where his ancestors were buried.
Now they used stone to keep him in place.
But the stone must yield
To the Cornerstone.
The stone was rolled away.
But the cornerstone cut without hands.
Got up and walked away from the tomb
So now we are free.
God worked with that wood
Because he is the divine carpenter.
He worked with the stone.
Because God is amazing.
Get it? A mason.
God is a mason
And my Jesus could not stay dead.
Mar 2019 · 110
Jesus was wanted by man
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
Two prayers
One said on the Mount
Called the Lord’s Prayer
The other said in the Garden of Gethsemane
That was simply God calling out to his God.
You see, man had to learn how to pray
That is why we have the Lord’s Prayer.
But man also needed a perfect example of what prayer looks like.
Thus, the Garden of Gethsemane.
In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus sweat blood.
His forehead began the sacrifice which the rest of his body would later.
When the crown of thorns was placed on top of his head.
In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said to forgive.
In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus was forgiveness.
In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said thy Kingdom come.
In the Garden of Gethsemane, he is bringing forth the Kingdom.
I wonder how the height of the mountain
Could compare with the cool lusciousness of the garden.
As he stepped in the Garden, he stepped on his own blood.
The footing was slippery
The footing was messy
The footing was not at all like the Mount
Where rocks provided sturdy footing.
But in order to get to the Cross, he had to get to the Garden.
Because the Garden was where he would be arrested
Not just in the Mount where he would be a Teacher.
In the Garden, Jesus was a wanted man.
Wanted by man, because of his claims to be God.
But also wanted by man, because he is the Son of God.
Mar 2019 · 52
Redemption has come.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
God gathered all of the hosts of heaven.
And asked, Who is ready to redeem my people?
Michael spoke up quickly and said, Not I.
I am a commander, not a redeemer
Besides, when I confronted Satan over Moses’ body.
I said, the Lord rebuke you.
Whoever is Lord is worthy to redeem your people.
God turned to Gabriel
And Gabriel also turned away and said, Not I.
I am a messenger.
I will bring good news of the coming of the Lord.
God turned to John the Baptist
And John the Baptist turned away and said, Not I
The one who is Faithful and True I am not worthy
To even untie his sandals
Must less take his place.
Somewhere in the background an apostle is weeping
Because he does not know where salvation is coming.
Suddenly God stirs.
And out of God comes Salvation, Glory and Honor.
Everyone rejoices
Because the Lord Jesus was the one who saw Satan fall from heaven.
At Michael’s hand.
The Lord Jesus was the one who came in anticipation of Gabriel.
And the Lord Jesus was the one who is the Prince of Peace.
And the Commander in Chief of the Lord’s Army.
He is worthy to take the scroll and open it.
The apostle rejoiced.
Because redemption has come.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
I love the way she grins lopsided at me.
The way her uneven grin looks is so appealing.
Her mouth moves up and down like roadwork
Her eyes twinkle at me, one green and one brown.
Her hair is parted to one side, and move to the other as if to say yes.
Her kindness is like mercy to mankind.
Her hands hold mine, and I feel like I’m a man in paradise.
I’m the luckiest man alive.
She stands up and I see her in all her beauty.
You could not name this beauty
I just have to be in awe of it.
Mystique walks with every step of her intentions.
Suddenly she opens her mouth to say
You should really decide between the tacos and the pizza honey I’m hungry.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
I stand on grace, to arm the strife of man.
They call me lust, I say I’m what you want.
The Greeks will say I’m God, to rule the land.
Retreat and make me ghosts to fear and haunt.

In highest skies, in deepest seas, I launch
I can be pictures, thoughts or just a word
In dreams ******, I can also be taunt.
You look around to see, if you just heard.

I can go where no flying thing can, even the bird.
You hide your seen, disguise yourself from friends.
You fear to get revealed, it seems absurd
You always will think, this seen has no end.

The one ticket is to just throw it away.
And once it’s left, it feels like a new day.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
The pool I want to be in
Is my own gene pool.
Swimming with my ancestors
Who were kings in a distant land.
Don’t touch that, it is the gene pool.
But there was disease.
There was contamination in the gene pool
My ancestors had to escape
Be further away from the king
But closer to living.
They were traders,
They were pharmacist.
They were people who dealt with pills without licenses.
But soon the royalty, wanted them back.
So they became chiefs.
Maybe one day my grandfather’s lineage will become king
And enter the house my grandfathers were forced to escape as a boy.
Mar 2019 · 56
I dont think love's here
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
I need to find love.
Love with me throughout the night.
Love in all my places.

I don’t think love’s here
What I have isn’t enough
Love should feel like heat

This feels like coldness
What I have will have to do
Keep me nice at night.

Because love is different.
The cold’s needed like the heat.
I am close to both.

Love consists of cold and heat.
That together forms that love
© 41 minutes ago
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
The Love is blind, it needs the sight of dogs to move.
The dog is me, I can release my love to see.
I know I have a choice, I see I have a use.
You say I’m untrained for the house, I say I’m me.

They rush to find another dog, but I wag my tail.
I’m sure I’m their only option, so I wait.
I grin and say that this dog is for sale.
And that I’m sure to fit my owner great

Me and her go off into life, against the drive.
I play the game of catch with her, she is the catch.
Go down on fours, ask her become my wife.
Because this dog knows when he’s found his match.

We find a house so good for both of us to live.
I’m grateful that she gave this dog a place to give.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
I never could have imagined
That looking at you
Would be my first step into heaven.
Your talk to me
Was like when the above breathed to man.
I am your man
But you are my star
I am the manned flight that connects to you.
You ask, why do I blush.
I say because I’m so happy to see you
My whole face needs to show it.
With you I cant be nervous
With you I can only be happy
Because of all of the people to chose.
You extended your hand and said I chose you.
And I replied back, I am honored.
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
I’ve heard about pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
But what about a rat, what about that.
Because it was to be eaten by a cat.
So the cat kept pulling everything but mice.
The cat got annoyed that rats would not come out twice
The cat looked into the hat and said I know Ive done it before.
And if there is one rat, I am sure that there could be more!
Finally, the cat reached into the hat and pulled out a bat.
The cat shrugged its shoulders and said, Bats are rats with wings.
I guess I cannot be picky about eating anything.
It reached to eat the bat, but the bat took off and flew tonight.
The cat looked at the hat and yelled, You cant do anything right!
Michael Kusi Mar 2019
Your touch is a good mean to me.
The mean that says
I will change my ****** expression when I see you.
Mischief abides at the corners of your lips.
As it resides in the front of mine.
Our eyebrows dance, and we haven’t seen mistletoe.
Just each other.
So when we hug
Our arms form in the shape of a smile
And my insides
Reveal on the outside with the flow of life that I’m happy to see you.
And its not just that my pants are pointing at you.
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
Essence let out a hacking cough and said, I have a cold.
I don’t know if it is because I am sick or because I am old.
Brutus protested, But you are youthful in appearance and strong.
We need you Queen Essence to right the Greek wrong.
He was talking to her as he was driving her chariot there.
To arrive too late to save Troy was Essence’s greatest fear.
Over months the Hittite Army got closer to the location.
Essence was bringing the entire might of the Hittite nation.
Her face was determined, they had the army to save.
It would be because of her efforts the Trojans were not slaves.
The Hittite Army camped some hundreds of miles away from the Trojans.
Essence told all of them that they should be happy to be chosen.
To go on such an expedition, and be in such a position.
Their rewards would be to see the faces of Trojan living.
Essence soon got to the site, and her worst fear had come true.
There was not a Trojan in sight, only dead bodies who had been slew.
Essence fell to her knees in grief-stricken rages.
All of the Trojans were dead, they now belonged to the sages
She got up and smiled wickedly, as if to make a vow to the sky.
Where I stand right now, every Greek living must die.
Essence prepared her army to invade the Greek homeland.
She spoke to each of them that the Greeks must have their own stand.
But when they arrived to Agammemon’s palace, they discovered he was not alive.
And his courtiers had fled with terror, because all they wanted to do was survive.
Essence’s army grimly put a torch to Greece, and put it in the Dark Ages.
Because she felt justified into doing so, because of her sorrow and rages.
Essence then returned to Anatolia, but then she received a dispatch letter.
That the Hittite Empire was fallen, and to go to Egypt would be much better.
She marched to Egypt, and put her army under her father Ramses’ command.
Ramses was now Pharoah of all that he could see in every land.
He put Essence in charge of the Amum division, made up of her men.
Essence lead the Amum division against Nubia, and soon conquered them.
As for Brutus, he continued from Greene to a island between the sea.
He named it Britainnia after himself, for it to be the land of the free.
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
Meritamen was looking out and she saw ships beginning to land.
She understood that this meant war, and she had to command.
Her heart ached for her Hittite and Egyptian palaces, but she knew her duty.
Meritamen walked up to the front of the wall and began to survey.
A Trojan warrior asked her, So what should we do now, my queen?
She answered grimly, Drive them into the sea and let the waters hear their screams!
He then gently prodded, What is your name if you don’t mind me to ask?
She looked up and said, Essence, and this is your battle task.
Gather the troops so that we can drive the Greeks into the sea.
Let us make sure that no one gets away from us to flee.

Soon the Trojans were gathered outside the gates and Essence was in front.
She was in a chariot, and giving a warfare speech on top of the mount.
Soldiers, these intruders have invaded my adopted homeland and your place.
Do not be afraid of this race, and be emboldened to look at their face.
She raised her spear, and all of the troops began a loud cheer.
The Greeks disembarked soon felt a little terror and fear.
They expected surprise, but they knew that it was all lies.
By the view of all of the Trojans there before their eyes.
Essence urged her charioteer into the teeth of the Greeks.
She was ruthless in cutting down both the strong and the weak.

Achilles soon arrived on the scene, he was like a nightmare in a dream.
At the sound of him, Essence let out a primal, beastly scream.
She attacked him while they were both in chariots, did not get out of there.
Achilles killed one of her horses, and she killed his charioteer.
They both tumbled together, and it was a duel to the finish unfurled.
Between an Egyptian royalty and the strongest warrior in the world.
Essence took her spear and crashed it onto Achilles shield.
The spear broke into pieces, but the fixture bent and refused to yield.
Achilles aimed for her head, his purpose was to make her dead.
But she ducked and his sword hit the top of the chariot instead.
Essence then stabbed him in the calf muscle, between thigh and ankle.
Achilles brought his shield down on Essence’s armor, to crush the mantle.
Essence's backhanded spear ****** busted one of Achilles' back molars.
But Achilles drew out his sword, and nicked Essence right shoulder.
They were evenly matched, and Achilles never meant someone with such skill.
He stepped back in amazement, it would be a worthy ****.
Just at that moment, a charioteer came in and took Achilles away.
Essence was panting and muttering to herself as a charioteer came for her, Another day.
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
Pharoah Ramses was dictating the Battle to his scribe.
Saying that, I fought my way and the gods helped me stay alive!
The King’s young daughter, Meritiamen, said Please excuse me.
But it was by my efforts that the Hittites and their allies were made to flee.
Ramses brushed her off and said, Hush young child the pharaoh is speaking.
Now scribe, I could feel the Ptah Division began to weaken.
Mertiamen retorted, Father, it was your Amun Division that broke first.
My Ptah Division came to save you, otherwise it would have been the worse.
The scribe was confused and said to himself, These writings would be my end.
One of them is telling the truth, the other one is living in pretend.
I believe the pharaoh is living in a world where only the gods reside.
Ramses blurted out, Then I stabbed the Hittite high king and he died!
Mertiamen rolled her eyes and said, Then how come we did not recover his corpse.
Father, you did a great service to the gods and Egypt yesterday, you don’t have to force.
It was a great victory, you don’t have to diminish it with a lie
The Hittite High King left the battlefield, he did not die.
Ramses snorted and said, I was all alone, no once around to save .
An arrow narrowly missed me, if it hit I would be in the grave.
The God of Egypt made mortal, it would have been a tragedy too.
Meritiamen blurted out, But my Ptah Division broke in to rescue you.
The scribe said, From now on, I will ask Meritiamen about the dispatch.
Because my pharaoh, it seems as if you don’t have all of the proper facts.
Ramses protested, But we were surrounded with no hope of breakthrough.
Meritiamen shook her head and said, My Pharoah, I would never let them take you.
The Pharoah and his Princess were arguing, and the scribe put his head in his hand.
Muttering to himself, I just cant… I don’t really understand.
I was working for the temple when they said Work for the pharaoh on campaign.
This is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life, and I can feel virtue leaving my brain.
The Princess then smiled saying, Scribe, we will have separate dispatches of the Battle of Kadesh.
I’m sure mine would be better, but the Pharoah also has a tale to embellish.
The Pharoah started up again, and the scribe rolled his eyes.
After so many years of observing Pharoah Ramses, he wasn’t really surprised.
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
Paris looked out outside the Trojan Wall
And what he saw he did not like at all.
He viewed Achilles in one of his rages, close to the city.
And looked upon the Trojan dead with horror and pity.
I must do something, he said, as he left his room.
Who he encountered next filled him with terror and doom.
She called herself Essence, and she was a queen of the Hittites.
She told him with a grim look on her face, Achilles must die tonight.
Here is my bow, I have arrows that travel to spots in armor narrow.
They are fitted for war, I got them from the Egyptian Pharoah.
Paris shook and said, But I did not use a bow except for sport.
You must remember I am known as the coward of the King’s court.
Essence shook her head and said, No, you must **** Achilles dead.
That is what the prophecies and the written word have said.
Come let us climb to the high place, so that you can see his face.
Shoot an arrow into his breastplate, and make his life a disgrace.

Paris was muttering as she led him to the top of the rim.
She wasn’t as pretty as Helen, but she was more regal and grim.
Essence pointed down and said, See Achilles, fighting like a madman?
All of the archers are missing him, because they have bad hands.
But I will guide you into the truth of your destiny to fire this shot.
Perhaps we will save Troy just yet, with everything that we got!
Paris jumped back at her intensity, but Essence continued.
Achilles under all that armor is a man of bone and sinew.
He would not let Hector rest in his grave, dragged him like a slave.
Now it is time to give Achilles the burial to whom so many he gave.

Paris fired an arrow, and it hit a Greek but Achilles he missed.
Essence pursed her lips and grabbed his hand to say, You aim like this!
Paris fired a second arrow, and nicked Achilles in the forearm.
Essence said, Stop aiming for flesh wounds and hit where you can do harm.
Paris fired a third time, and hit Achilles in the neck with skill.
Then simultaneously, somebody hit Achilles between his ankle and heel.
Achilles toppled from his chariot, and the Greeks in horror fell back.
The Trojans suddenly heartened went full-blown on the attack.
Essence grinned and said, Tonight we join in the slaughter
And push all of the Greeks past the land into the waters!
She went down to take up weapons, and Paris stood in awe.
He didn’t know if he should worship her because he did not know who he saw.
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
You were the Dr who fought racism’s malady so well.
The King who got assassinated on the balcony hotel.
The oracle who said I have a dream, made it seem serene like crops.
The man who said I had been with prophets to the very Mountaintop.
King rose to tops of sunshine beginning, lead us to climb with him in
When we slept, we had visions of a new mind that’s winning.
A dream where the only race was one where people got on one knee. People would be taken care of, so that they would not go hungry.
That dream is close to us, it creeps nearer to us by the minute.
Because when King said I had a dream, he saw me in it!
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
I was denied my authority to cut my way out by contraction.
Because there had to be a scar where I was born, something lasting.
I was born 10 minutes after and 6 weeks too soon.
The sun had not come up, I hoped it was a full moon.
The first month, but I missed being a New Year Day born.
I was crowned by Casearean section onto that belly torn.
They say crying forces air, but my air was by incubator.
I was in a hospital in the hospital and it was my Savior.
Doctors looks for twitches and other infant signs of life
One of them probably remarked, He looks like  a Mike.
Because he was a soldier who just marched out the womb.
He survived the battle of birth, and he seems to be soldierly groomed.
I looked at them and thought to myself, I will be well, and soon.
So when I speak everybody would heed that cry.
Because I was made to live in abundance and not die.
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
I knew the war, it was not named by date
The stream was not of blood, the ground was clean.
We looked at life with love in eye, no hate
Even the peace of talk replayed in dreams.

The war declared a date, this was not child’s play.
This of resolution, decree, and men’s wages.
The devil came to slay, all my friends died away.
We fought until we could not document it on pages.

Who won, the ground, because it got fertilizer.
And streams received its fill of blood and ships.
Who lost, we did, the ghost of death is no miser.
We don’t use books no more, we just use lips.

This is where the dead will bury the living.
Entomb the skeletons and all is forgiven.
Michael Kusi Jan 2019
I dared to take a voice to put inside
My box of chest, so sturdy and gold
I looked, alas, it wants to hide.
I’m sad it looks at me with sighs untold

My heritage is made of chest, so strong to speak
I search to say my peace, all that I breathe
The flesh is feared, I cant because I’m weak.
I nod my head and step aside to leave.

I find my breath by inch, I climb to grace.
I view audience claps with glee and joy.
My box of chest now speaks inside my face.
And there is man, where there was boy.

An orator is born,  in place of  flesh.4
Is there a throne, where there was box of chest?
Michael Kusi Dec 2018
Write the plain and make it vision.
Write the gift and make the signature Yeshua bin Yosef.
Because God called down, With your shield or on it!

Kings have to give to the King of Kings.
And it be the first and best King’s day.
Give him food, and call it Burger King.

The day he borne a body was the day he was borne.
So Rachel may have cried that day but she did not mourn.
Michael Kusi Nov 2018
I’m so hot that when I step in, people look to where the exit be.
Because all of them ain’t got the growth hormone in their arms to flex with me.
Just remember that I am like the sky, the keeper of everything that is fly.
I was writing lyrics when the art of spoken word was just a sigh.
Just in case you wasn’t keeping score, I’ve kicked goals and come back for more.
Like a veteran in war or a singer, I’ve just come back from this tour.
Michael Kusi Nov 2018
I used to walk on sinful ground, but I now talk to him spell bound
Been blocked but still found the Jesus who died to save personally
I was enslaved but mercifully, he took my grave curse on a tree
Mary carried this son, the Godhead in one, in his flesh form.
The God with us was built into her belly, and this was God’s blessed born.
Some assembly was required but it just had to be, this was the Messiah.
Jesus came to  Earth with no flyer, to wash man’s ***** laundry with no dryer.
The Son had bled for our sins but was raised up from the dead.
To save man became one instead, on the cross it is done he said
No hamper because nothing possible could hamper his anointing.
His blood was wound for our sins, and his grace gave us God’s appointment.
God saw Jesus come up out of the waters and said that I’ll honor that
Judas betrayed him for coins like the ones you use at the laundromat.
He got pieces but no peace because he betrayed the Prince of Peace.
Jesus said I must decrease and told Peter stand down and put down your piece.
The package of Mary’s pregnancy placed to purchase to pay for this prize.
Save from the demise, Satan’s lies, Jesus is our star who needed this great enterprise.
When Christ carried the cross, it was a trek through our space, that he must do to rise.
The only craft Jesus needed was the wood he gave his life on, he had the last laugh.
Jesus is  the Word, so when his blood was spilled, the ground saw its holy paragraphs.
Mankind held Jesus close but God warned that our hands will break this action figure.
His passion’s bigger, because when Jesus broke bread he had an old-fashioned dinner
The day after was grim, soldiers pierced his side, and there was to be found no smiles.
The soldiers posted up Jesus on the cross as his status and he became a profile.
Life and Birth prophesized Christ walked the earth ostracized
When Christ breathed his last, he paid it so the curse also died
They tried to block him, but Jesus walked out the tomb just like the texts said.
So God could slide into our DMs for us to communicate as best friends.
Nov 2018 · 83
The Dirt Cries
Michael Kusi Nov 2018
The dirt cried out
Until it started to whimper
My God, my God When is your promise coming?
You cursed my face saying I should give birth to thorns
These were great labor pains and blood as well
From the hands of man plucking the birth
From my body.
You sent the waters that I thought would cleanse
But after the waters came more thorns
So I guess nothing changed.
You sent the fire and I wished it would change mankind
But after the fire came the fingers of man who kept cursing
As well as being cursed.
I gave birth to thorns
God you breathed into me and man stood up.
Man came out of me
But can dry bones rise again?
Man would have to come out of me a second time
Crawl back into the womb of dirt and soil
And rise up out.
That would have to be someone special
The government would be on his shoulders
Because he would have to use his hands to climb out of the dirt.
It hurt when I gave birth to thorns
Just imagine the labor pains giving rebirth to the Son of Man.
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
I was talking to someone
Who said that this time of year was so scary
They said, in shock
I was so terrified
I had a near-life experience!
Near-life experience
I heard of near-death
I asked how could you have a near-life experience
When you are still alive!
They shook their head and whispered, Oh no.
There is only one of me inside my body.
But I was so terrified that I thought someone else came to stay with me!
They then went on and started hollering
I was running around panicking
Wonderful how to induce labor to get them out
Hoping there was a place for them to leave
I felt pains in my sides and said Oh no,
Here they go
Here are my contractions
Breathe in, breathe out.
I laughed and said Stop playing.
That's not how people give birth.
You look like you are constipated.
The person asked, What are you going to be this scary season
I said I’m going to be
More courageous than you.
Because this season doesn’t scare me.
So I’m going to be tired of this nonsense.
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
Mary carried a son, the Godhead in one, and perfection embodied in flesh form.
The God with us was built into her belly, and there was no recall but he’s stress born.
Some assembly was required but it just had to be, this was the Messiah.
Jesus came to the Earth with no flyer, to wash man’s ***** laundry with no dryer.
No hamper because nothing possible could hamper his anointing.
His blood was wound for our sins, and his grace gave us God’s appointment.
God looked at Jesus coming up out of the waters and said that I’ll honor that
Judas betrayed him for coins like the ones you use at the laundromat.
He got pieces but no peace because he betrayed the Prince of Peace.
Jesus said I must decrease and told Peter to stand down and put down his piece.
The package of Mary’s pregnancy placed to purchase to pay for this prize.
To save from the demise of Satan’s lies, Jesus is a star and this was a great enterprise.
Mankind held Jesus close but God warned that our hands will break this action figure.
His passion’s bigger, because when Jesus broke bread he had an old-fashioned dinner
The day after was grim, soldiers pierced his side, and there was to be found no smiles.
The soldiers posted up Jesus on the cross as his status and he became a profile.
They tried to block him, but Jesus walked out the tomb just like the texts said.
So God could slide into our DMs for us to communicate as best friends.
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
God took out the blood so I could live, but this was no leeching
I was slow speaking but now I can stand up to go preaching.
I was in a cell, but God’s cross was brought to cross, and not a loss.
When God threw a coin in the air it was all a head so I won the coin toss.
Because he said I had to become a featured male, not be the tail, or see the jail.
God could not imagine the thought so he came to save me from hell.
So now I have become free, my currency is God and not money.
Man should not live by bread alone, but he will not be hungry.
God will send his angels to be by his side after the temptations.
Christ has called us to be his bride and speak to the nations.
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
I remember one time
There was a waiter who said to his boss
At a country club
Sir there is someone who is buying water
And refusing to leave
I asked them if they wanted hor d'oeuvres
They said they don’t speak Spanish
But they wanted to meet someone
And when I asked who they wanted to meet
They did not say his name.

The boss looked worried.
Oh no, it was one of those
The boss and the waiter approached the woman
And asked, Can we help you?
The woman pointed and said, I want to meet him!
He looks like he golfs because he wants to
Not because he has no knees
The boss leaned over and said Get out
Or else I will call security.
I have seen your type before.
This is the establishment where you pay by the plate.
And if you were with him, you would have arrived with him.
The woman protested.
But I need to meet someone important
I need to make connections!
She was taken out of the restaurant by security
I always wondered if she came back
And learned that a good trick would be to always buy a drink
Or better yet, actually learn the game of golf.
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
I remember the day.
I am so proud to say
Like it was yesterday.
It made me glad as a house of clay.
It had to be a day.
There is no other way
Because all days end in day, right?
There is no Monnight or Thursnight.
The day someone threw me a celebration over there.
Of the 7th anniversary of my 20th year.
Some would say it was not much to achieve.
I would say getting up to 27 is a big accomplishment to believe.
With not a gray hair or a wrinkle on this head.
Some would say I look like a boyish youth instead.
So when I got there, we had a delightful speaking.
I would daresay I could feel my knees begin to weaken.
So if there was a accomplishment, I would say it was from above.
Because it was when I realized that like was nothing compared to love.
You can be like someone, but you cant be love someone.
That sounds like the English my teacher used to frown at, said it was unbecoming.
But my teacher would smile at this, and say this is cute.
The day I stopped running after everyone, and chose one for pursuit.
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
All the men in me want war
And the eye that is bathed in the baptism in the sunrise
Also wants to be the heart that has no pain.
Calm down son, calm down.
But there is no calm or down here.
I just have to remember what was said.
What was spoken.
I think it was a whisper, I hope it was a shout
They placed hands on me
Because they were peacekeepers.
But no good can happen
When you don’t just want war
You are battle.
So when you have to sign treaties
You sigh and say
Now I want peace but these men in me won’t lay down their arms.
Even though they  are so depleted.
These canines of burden only now have the stones in front to throw
And I’m now a glass house.
Oct 2018 · 226
A World Without a Sword
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
Bedievere looked as the three women loaded the wounded body of Arthur onto their ship. Something did not seem right, but the countenance of these women was such that Bedievere did not feel it was safe to talk. They sailed off into the night, and Bedevere whispered into the crisp air, “My Lord, I pray you get to your place of rest soon.” He shuffled back, stepping over a pile of dead bodies. He held his sword in the air and shouted, “This battle has turned me to a man of peace, I will not draw my sword against anyone anymore!” Then Bedeviere threw his sword into the sea, and watched as it sunk to the bottom. He knew that it would be a long journey back home.
King Arthur started to stir as he realized that he was…..moving. “ This is strange”, he thought to himself. His entire body hurt with the piercing of blades from many weapons and angry hands who no longer breathed. But he breathed, and he was in intense pain. He gasped as he saw his sister. Morgana, who always hated him. She shrieked with hateful delight, “I see that you are still alive. That would not be for long!” “Where is Excalibur? What have you done with my sword?” King Arthur demanded in his rage.
Morgana sneered at him and said, “I have no use for that piece of cheap metal when I have a High King!” King Arthur’s anger switched to an emotion that was foreign to him, fear. He looked around with horror to realize there were no knights around him, no men with armor to save him. Morgana bent down and whispered to him with malice dripping in her voice, “ You may have been a High King, but the Emperor of the New Rome has need of you.” She pressed the open wound on his side, and all King Arthur felt was pain until unconsciousness came to save him.
Lancelot was in a room praying. It gave him comfort day by day, although he had unease in his heart. In his mind, raced a past life of swords and the twisted look of men he had killed. “Those were too many twisted looks which led to my twisted life.”, Lancelot said to himself. He went down on one knee and began to reflect on mercy, on grace. Suddenly someone opened the door and yelled, “ My Lord, the High King is missing!”
Lancelot rose up immediately and his hands went to his side. The soldier’s instinct was still there, even though he went to the convent to atone and become a holy man. There was nothing there, and he shook his head as he remembered he had given his weapons to the abbot of the convent. Lancelot asked, “ But I thought the High King was dead!” The man said, “ The High King was not dead, but now we cannot even find his body!” Lancelot was suddenly moved to tears by the loss of his friend, who he had betrayed, but who always stood by him to the end.
The abbot came in and in his hands was Lancelot’s full armor, sword, and shield. The abbot kneeled down and raised up Lancelot’s weaponry. The man kneeled down as well and the abbot said, “ My liege, you are now High King and you must recovered the Sacred One. Only you have the battle-knowledge necessary to win this fight.” Lancelot put on his armor and instantly he was transformed from a man of prayer to a man of war. The abbot looked into Lancelot’s eyes and was so terrified he fell over. The abbot thought, “ So this is the visage that so many men looked at before they died. May heaven have mercy on this land!” Lancelot motioned to the man and said, “Get me your finest horse. We must raise up an army to rescue Arthur!” The man nodded and he and Lancelot walked out of the room.
Michael Kusi Oct 2018
To here I stand, a man alone to fend
I see the dark in spots they said was shine
The day to laugh is soon, I’m sure no end.
To start this breath of happiness will come in time.

To smile is good, the joy I have is great.
Even chuckle until my chest is sore.
I must receive this glee before it’s late.
This breath resides forevermore.

The breath of joy is there by inch and walk.
My chest and smile agree, I’m glad they spoke.
I’m happy that they met to chat and talk
And then my eyes opened, and I stood awoke.

The day I don’t look on the  upside  to grin.
Is bleak for me, and one I wont go in.
Michael Kusi Sep 2018
Son of David, may you be a better man than I could ever be.
I pray for forgiveness, because blood is on our hands.
Look at us, the ones who have wronged so much.
Innocence is spread over the face after the fight is lost.
While there was sleep for the few, there was a plot.
They took him and placed him into the hands of men.
Reinforcements should have been called, but a king’s decree said halt.
Weapons were laid on him, but those who supported stepped back.
The woman who loved this soldier had nothing to do with this.
There was weeping and after a while found comfort in trembling arms.
He called himself a soldier of valor, but the odds were against him.
I’m sorry that it was not him who was the target, but what he blocked.
But it was too late, and there was evidence, and he had a sentence of death.
I panicked so I denied what happened, and then I searched for him.
This woman knew me, but after it was done I tried to hide my worse nature.
She spoke to me in a manner I would never forget.
I looked out and saw this woman, and her countenance was such that it shook me.
I knew I should have been in a different location, but the struggle of life was on me.
Now I stand back not to admire my courage, but to confess the wrong I allowed.
Sep 2018 · 94
The eye is full of sport
Michael Kusi Sep 2018
I feel the piece of self in words so true.
Although the whole of ness is not to ask
The phrase, the line, of speech I give to you
To say a page is like a man unmasked.

To state a frame of mind is great to free
The eye is full of sport, a wink is sure
I see the light of smiles, it makes for me
To go at length about a wit so pure.

I step off stage, expect applause to ears.
I hear a thought, He spoke so much at length.
To hear remarks like this, is one I fear.
I gain virtue in their critique, and strength.

He who is brave to hear the voice of crowds
Is made to think about effect endowed.
Michael Kusi Sep 2018
We was so smart that there was whispers it was symptomatic
I heard it and thought that they said sympathetic.
I told them I could relate, better than a man to his in laws
They replied grimly that what I just said was being taken care of in laws
I said that you don’t need a writing
To see that there is mind goodness.
They threw up their hands and said,
My goodness, do you have to turn everything to a positive.
I said, If *** can be positive, then so can I!
Michael Kusi Sep 2018
They could not find heaven when they left
So the angels stayed on Earth.
You are one of those gracious angels
So I hope that you stay
I only felt hurt
When some people who were supposed to be angels
Fell from paradise
Then I realized that if upwards did not want them
Then this place was now kin to hell.
But I saw you, and knew that you were not lost.
You were a guardian
You spoke God to me
So I knew what we could make of ourselves
I could not see your wings
But I saw your walk
And I knew a crown suited the steps of your beauty.
So we could reign together
Because even an angel needs a place to abide
I never met an angel with a last name
I would be glad to give you mine
Because the throne is waiting for you
And after you finish walking it is an awesome view.
Michael Kusi Sep 2018
The hardships in life we don’t like.
Ugh, hardship.
It sounds like something ancient yet so relevant.
We say, If only we don’t have hardship.
But a hardship can withstand anything.
Including the storms
That cant get in.
Because then the entry of turbulence would be grave
Our grave.
Coming from the skies above, and the deep below.

We cling to our hardships
Saying no one understands this trouble.
Until it is time for us to land.
We look out and see there is no turbulence
But we have to build, something.
Then our hardships become useless
Or so we think.
Because the skills we had in the hardships
Might be different when we land and have to build.
But the strength to come through hardship helps us to land.

A hardship is different from a shelter
A hardship does not even sound like shelter.
We cant take the parts of hardship and make them a shelter
We have to go lumber and kick rocks.
Until there is structure in our lives.
Even though that hardship was not a yacht
It also had its time and place.
When that time is gone
A new structure enters our lives
That means we could live in
Because we will stay here to see the sun rise again.
Michael Kusi Sep 2018
I was resigned,
I once thought to resign but then someone said they wanted to re sign.
I had nothing in my pockets, they said stay in the pocket
I didn’t have change, but they were not at all concerned.
Because they said I had an arm and the reach to go far.
All this time I thought I was disarmed.
But they said i was very disarming
I had the arm to go out regardless of what was in my pockets.
Because I was in this pocket.
I said no more delay in my game, its time to start.
I wanted to kick it but they said it was the wrong game.
Both games were outside, but I pointed and said That’s artificial.
I want to walk on what used to live.
And not talk nostalgic about when we used to stand where it was real.
They nodded and said Even though both of us have goals.
Yours seems to be worth more, so we would be influenced by you.
So we will keep what is real but still look at your bigger goal.
Michael Kusi Sep 2018
They say
Birds of a feather flock together.
But what if I’m fly
With no feathers
I’m more of a social butterfly.
So when I pull up
You say with scowling face
You have no feathers
So you cant flock with me.
I try to explain that I came out of my cocoon
I just learned how to fly
But some would brush it off.
And say, Be glad I did not devour you.
Leave while you still have the chance.
So I guess I do that.
And then you go up in the air
And get chased by a bird of a different feather
Who seeks not to talk but to feed.
The only feathers it cares about is yours to eat.
I wonder when you are up there
Trying to fly around a feather that sees at night like its day.
You say out of breath, I could have flocked with the butterfly
But I was obsessed with feathers
And feathers just might be my end.
But it would not be mine.
Because remember, I'm a butterfly.
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