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Aug 2018
up early to water
the garden

the cicadas are
already drilling holes

into the
leaden stillness

leaves are drooping

I spray the shrubs
to wash off the dust

birds fly in to sit
on the dripping branches

begging for a shower
a cardinal fluttersΒ Β 

its wings and sings
and I oblige

jewel-like droplets splash
through the slanting light

the world is ablaze

heat waves wild fires
everywhere anger

everywhere distraction

leaders are faint-hearted
the wicked fan the flames

still my garden needs water
still the cardinal

flutters its wet wings
and sings

here here water here
here here water here

Tom Spencer Β© 2018
Tom Spencer
Written by
Tom Spencer  Austin, TX
(Austin, TX)   
         Tenant, H, Beanie, Kim Hill, --- and 13 others
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