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Aug 2018
An omniscient voice said,
We are human beings,
Without any humanity.
Some are spoiling the purity of fertility
******* around not knowing whom to **** around
One speaks nonsense and expects the other to reply.
Each and every one has their wish and will,
Which shapes an individual
But some lovely bodies will do nothing
Instead, keep complaining
About the world being round
Assuming that the hidden truth was found.
Money, food, flesh are the three vitamins
All that one needs in life
Whereas one may just need a knife.
To **** that cliché
To show the life in a sachet.
Forgetting that we in a reverie
Of so-called living.
Ask yourself "Am I living or Surviving? "
The brain will suggest option A
While heart will be throbbing to say "SURVIVING".
The definition of the term ‘Privacy'
Is lost in networks ‘Secrecy'
Videotaping ones ‘Intimacy'
Has become our ‘Fantasy'
How can they be a wrong deed
When they satisfy our need.
Most of us convert money
From foreign to the native currency
Forgetting that we are
Literally converting needs to wants.
The dying proverb
"Money makes many things"
Has become the living truth
"Money is everything"
We all have forgotten to exchange goods.
Is it because the barter system is extinct now?
Where can one find love?
Is it in the self or in the other?
Written by
Sasevardhni  25/F/Singapore
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