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Aug 2018
A simple Story
To thine own Self
Be True
The Path Leads Upward
There are  many approaches
To the Summit.
But only One can
Attain it at a Time
Each must lighten
The load to
Make it
To that Final Place
Where Heaven takes Us

Along The Way to
Supreme individuality: Collectivities
That demand Our
First Loyalties be to the
Group will Fear and distrust
The One
Who's First Loyalty is to
The True Self
So the final
Assent leads by way
Christ is the Logo
The Icon of the
True Self of All
Everyone is on
The Way.
Honor your Mother
And Father
Raise them Up
For Salvation is of
The Blood
Your Blood

It is in the Overcoming of
Every Fear that
Prevents  Man from
Being Good.
Towards Love
In Love
We are all ascending
Why?  Because it is
The Most Wonderful
Experience of All
To Be Good
To Know That You are a Child
Of  God...Inheriting
Eternal Life as
Your Birthright.
Bon Voyage -Mes Amis
Fellow Travelers
It is a Voyage
Well Worth Taking
Must Forgive me
If I repeat Myself
I am of Old

First typed while listening to RIck Steves on PBS " Making Travel A Political Act" Thanks Rick
Written by
David Bernard Scully  75/M/South Florida
(75/M/South Florida)   
   tinhearts and Karijinbba
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