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Aug 2018
Hear me now
The time has come for us to talk
You all say 'KEEP IT REAL'
So lets talk and keep it real

So tell me you all, please tell me
What's ******* real with you all knifing each other
What's real with taking someone's life
What's real with being crazed and stupid
What's real with losing a future and ruining your life
What's real with doing time in jail and forever marked a killer

This ain't no Macho ****, this ain't no cool nothing
No! man, this ain't no macho ****, this ain't no cool NOTHING ****
Look around you, where does it states that killing another is cool
If you're blood thirsty and wanna fight, why not go join the army
At least you learn discipline and acquire some other useful skills
And if you're still ******, you can do all the killing you want and get a ******* medal for it, if your ****** *** makes it through.

Yeah, we all know its tough out there.
We know its not easy being a brother, we know there are obstacles
We know there are limited opportunities
We know there are those that don't like us
We know nobody really give a **** about some of us
We know whatever, whatever
But nothing justifies us killing each other

21st Century, we know we are humans like everybody else
We say we are free, we have freedom in a civilized society
Think brothers and look closely, who is really free
No one, you are only free within the ******* dictates of the society
That means behave like a civilized person and they leave your *** alone
Any thing else, you get the ******* chains right back around your neck
And prison and ruination becomes your ******* Cotton field
That is the greatest affront and betrayal to all our Ancestors
Who never had a choice and ******* suffered immeasurably

Brother, hear me, you gotta find and know that real freedom is in the mind, real power comes from the mind, your ******* brain.
A trained MIND, a brain that works capably and efficiently
A brain that knows its not about Macho posturing
Or beating the ******* system or trying to have something for nothing, or chasing the quick buck or ******* about

Its the brain that thinks and refuses to accept that
Saying SICK doesn't mean something is good
Saying WICKED doesn't mean something is impressive
saying DOPE doesn't mean something is 'the business'
Man, how can you buy into all that ****
How can you allow yourself to be programmed that negativity means something positive and good.
With that mindset is it any wonder brothers are now shooting and knifing each other.

No brothers, its about getting a trained mind, being a responsible member of the ******* society, its about hard graft, forgoing some things, caring about others, being an inspiration to the younger ones, respecting women and each other and ****** suffering if it comes to it, because in life sometimes, it comes to it, but a trained mind will help you through **** and moreover you get to ****** sleep easy at night, knowing you ain't got no payback coming

So brothers...forgive me if I've said too much, I am not judging and I do appreciate its hell out there, its just that we are all tired of hearing another ****** is now six feet under. A poor mother cries again, a father wonders what he did wrong, a wife cries for a lost love, a brother or sister misses a sibling for ever a poor child is left without a father. Somewhere tonight a MOTHER is weeping bitter tears, she carried you for nine uneasy months, nurtured and loved you, now you are gone, stabbed to death by another brother, why are we doing this to our MOTHERS?

Come on, brothers, lets startΒ Β getting with the page
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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