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Jul 2018
Pieces of my heart
Scattered on the floor
Like my ***** laundry
Trying to pick them up
Put it back together
My hands shaking
Fear spreading in my veins
I can feel your presence over me
Like a dark cloud hanging above
in foggy forecast
If i make the wrong move
I know your arm will swing
I say the wrong thing I know
You will black out

I cannot have a repeat of last night
Choked down
Told that I am ugly
I hate you for that

If I wasn’t so soft
I could pick myself up
Hurt you too
Cause the same pain
And fear you have filled my body with

I cannot have a repeat of my childhood
Maybe I shouldn’t have told you
What my mother did
I went through too much to go through it again
I see the same hatred and anger in your eyes as hers

I love you
As much as I hate you
Love the way you kiss me
Hold me
Caress me
Hate the way you hit me
Choke me
Belittle me

I know as long as I stay calm
Sit right here everything will be alright
There’s always a calmness before a storm
I’m praying
Because I cannot have a repeat of last night
I cannot relive my past
I got to piece my heart back together
And get up
Written by
Elizabeth Schoenbaum  19/F/Columbia, Louisiana
(19/F/Columbia, Louisiana)   
     Edmund black, --- and Hannah Marze
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