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Hannah Marze May 14
Back to reality
where we’ve been waiting in different capacities
for a safe place to run to-
who knew that mine would be you?

Back roads sprinkled with hope;
heart-shaped raspberry smoke.
First sips of cupcake moscato,
not wishing for tomorrow.

So I’ll leave my hair on your jacket,
take a piece of me back to Kansas
and please remember me
like the night when I was set free.

And you’ll leave your mark on my skin.
I won’t even start to pretend
that I don’t smile at the memory
of the night when I was set free.

I may change this title later?
Hannah Marze Feb 12
Our hearts connect by poetry;
you've read the best and worst from me.
Watched naïve intentions as they've grown
into peaceful chemistry.

Then ruined by anxiety;
the beast and its variety,
when left all alone,
interrupted all that was promising.

Now hours start to feel like days
as I watch my safe place burst into flames.
I can't save us on my own
so I start to pray.

Hannah Marze Feb 12
full moon nights; October storms,
bodies connected in innocent form.
if I could go back, freeze time in its tracks:
I’d always be yours.

Hannah Marze Feb 9
The wind is picking up again;
we're in the middle of a hurricane
and it's easier to build a wall and defend
ourselves at the first sign of pain

but you put me on the fence,
forcing me to choose,
not what makes sense
but what I'm afraid to lose.

Hand in hand,
your sweet neck
hides my face.
This is where
I feel safe.

i would rather walk on glass to your open arms than on sand anywhere else.
Hannah Marze Feb 9
call me a fool, but I truly believe
that if I do not pour every drop
of emotion from my being
into the dirt of this world then
I will never know if any thing
was meant to grow.

there are hidden, thirsty
seeds between the blades
of grass begging for what
I shared with those already

dear Father, now I see.

Hannah Marze Dec 2018
box up your good intentions, wrap & place beneath the tree.
although I see the tag, I’ll still ask if they’re for me.
I don’t want it to be this way,
often wondering if we’re okay,
but I can’t let myself fall victim to how things used to be.

you're this patient, painted portrait & if there’s any thing you know
it’s that this world will crash by moving fast, which is why you take it slow.
well you can thank all the dudes before ya
who helped create this paranoia
that interest doesn’t truly exist unless the public gets a show.

so I’ll write my past out to you with my heart on the last line.
I’ve blossomed from that darkness yet I’m still afraid to shine.
I’m not trying to be complicated,
but the way I’m easily captivated
leaves room for me to see the truth & still be completely blind.

Hannah Marze Dec 2018
your scent is my perfume,
trapped inside my room.
I’m intoxicated for the first time,
won’t sober up any time soon.

no complaints.

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