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Jul 2018
Momma, you left me broken like glass on the cold hard floor
You didn't want to clean up the mess like you didn't want to clean up your act

Momma why?
Why do I have to ask you for forgiveness, when you have made me this way?
Momma why?

Momma why are you cryin?
Is it because of me?
Because of everything you took from me?
Like my freedom?
My family?
My father?
My siblings?
... Or is it because you're out of drugs?

Momma why?
Why do you make these promises?
You just left me in the crevices of these promises I call your lies.
Momma why?
Momma can't you hear those cries?
Those are your cries...
that I hear in the middle of the night.

Momma why?
Why do you take these pills?
Momma you're rollin over these hills
you can't prevent these spills

Momma why?
Why won't you change?
Can't you see the range of possibilities?

Momma why?
Maxwell Clouse
Written by
Maxwell Clouse  F/Catawissa, Mo
(F/Catawissa, Mo)   
     Colm, Crow, sarah s, TB Dentz and Fawn
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