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Jul 2018
The man was distraught.
that she could clearly see.
The pretty young doctor
sat quietly behind her desk
as the man explained
his systems to her. In detail.

you see doctor
i **** all the time.
i mean wherever I am
In church at the movies
on a date in my office
I have no control over the farts

he was almost weeping.
but be said there is one blessing.
they are silent and do not smell.
in fact I just dropped one now.
doctor. You have to help me.

she nodded in sympathy.
look it's fixable she said reassuringly .
take two of these pills
four times a day with food.
and come back to see me in a week.

five days later the man returned
in an awful state,totally distraught.
*** *** *** he wept.
whats the matter she asked.

those pills you gave me made it worse.
when I **** now it stenches
like a stagnant swamp.
You got to help me.

The young woman
smiled and said that's great.
we have fixed your nose.
Lets work on those ears.

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Written by
Jude kyrie  Canada
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