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Jul 2018
I hold your brain
Even though they call you lame
Despite the pain
You use me to stay ahead of the game
But things have changed
I’m getter lighter everyday
Instead of books and paper
I feel metal inside
What could he be doing with maps?
And why all the caps?
You have changed so now
Instead of study hall at 11
We’re at the gun range til 7
I miss our locker so
Now all I know
Is it takes 9 guns till I blow
It doesn’t feel right
Where are you going with this?
I don’t see a enemy insight
But I couldn’t tell if I read what you write
Who is this “they” that will pay?
Answer me please
Or let’s just freeze
We left for school late
Headed for you violent date
Packed with semis and automatics
I hope this doesn’t end up tragic
You walk in the cafe with no intention to eat
I feel you put me down and slowly unzip
I pray that this is only it
Then I hear the shots and the screams too
Why couldn’t you have just said
I needed help Drew
Miguel Carmona III
Written by
Miguel Carmona III  25/M/Atlanta
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