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Jun 12
I don't think about it any more
I take out the trash
Sticks caught in the crotch of a tree
The wind does what the wind does
breaks weaker branches down
does not care where
it leaves
on its invisible way

Days do what the days do
they don't count themselves
worthy as they go
to release
the afternoon
to eveningβ€”
an artless
to a low spot
where tears tend to pool
if I'd let them down

β€œYou know,
in that low spot
out there...?”
Where it's hard to see
Where its hard to care?

They take heart
divide it by energy
for sadnessβ€”
I haven't got

Watched the clock go round
wipe out my little plans
with relentless hands

...and I never got dressed today
Lizzy B
Written by
Lizzy B
         Harriet Cleve, Brianna Love, Hopeful Ponderer, ---, --- and 85 others
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