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May 2018
wondering why he ain't love you like you loved him,
but babygirl he never loved you, you just loved him.
you saw potential,
looks can be decieving.
you say he good but why this ***** so misleading?
all the i love you's, the future you done planned.
got you looking crazy,
you played right into his hands.
life on pause, what's the cause?
yo mind & body all fcked up,
gave birth to a baby.
tryna hold a ***** down who been acting shady.
i feel bad for you baby.
is this love?
is this what you been searching for?
you knew better, you knew whether you wanted less or more.
now you don't wanna love,
don't wanna trust,
or nothing.
heart cold as **** but all the ****** think you bluffing,
think you playing hard to get,
but you just trying hard to get
you could tell 'em how you feel,
but you can't find the words to say.
see when you love someone,
when you in love so young,
that **** can change you.
when that someone didn't love you back,
that's the **** that changed you.
overtime that pain grew.
& you don't even smile the same,
**** that ***** changed you.

how you love yourself when the only person you loved don't even love you?
i hope you learn your lesson.
never put NO ONE above you.
let that ***** kiss & hug you,
fall deep into the words he say.
you ain't even realized
its just a game these ****** play,
to try to make you stay.
but babygirl he ****** up,
cause the thing that had you ****** up, got you on your **** now.
& you ain't tryna slip now,
on top & you won't get down.
forced you to pull yourself together,
& now you live like, its whatever.
& ****, you only getting better.
while he be out here looking bitter,
with some ***** that ain't 'bout nothing,
he be out here fake stuntin'
following trends,
following friends.
still the same ***** that you left there.
still try to show him better but he don't care.
cause it's money on his mind,
& weak ******* on his line.
he ain't realize,
that there's bigger **** to focus on.
nobody to paint him the bigger picture so his focus wrong.
but you fine & you know that,
so sublime & he know that.
steady wishing he could go back,
& make **** right.
but its too late.
ooou, i felt this one. s\o to all my ladies that let dat hurt goooo **'
Written by
the black rose  F/the islands
(F/the islands)   
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