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Mar 2010
Presumptuous, perhaps arrogant,
My perception of reality.
I invoke, with humility,
The Great Spirit and
Receive an answer.
Heavenly manifestations
In the form of trees,
Birds and dreams.
My reality.
But, what about me?

I am important.
I am destined.
I am.
Regulate and manipulate
My world.

Channeled energies, memories
Are brick and mortar
For the building of myself.
I build and build,
Adding rooms,
Windows, staircases.
My domain.
My center draws farther
From the edge.
Understanding expands.
I know more and more.
I sleep.

I dream of angels,
Of nature in bliss,
Of blue skies imbedded
With soft clouds,  
Of worlds--
Many, many, worlds--
And, I dream of myself.
I wake up.
I wake.

Am aware, facing
A being not of my choosing,
Beyond myself.
Shrill whistles,
Bright, flashing bulbs,
Agitated bees,
Forgotten memories,
Woven into the
Space that unfolds--
And more.
No longer under my control,
The earth spins on
Its axis.  
A world apart from me.
Presumptuous, perhaps arrogant,
My perception of reality.
Black Swan © 2008
Black Swan
Written by
Black Swan
     Allison and Rose
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