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Jun 2018
Trust fades for a reason
Not just any reason of course
Some people wonder why it is that I have problem's trusting
They can't seem to see the pain behind my eye's
From seeing so many people just walk out of my life
They can't seem to see how fragile my ears are
From hearing people argue about me or saying things about me that slowly eat away at me
Perhaps they can't see how I try to stand tall
Even though I was beaten so bad sometimes that the skin would pill off the back of my legs and leave purple and blue bruises
Perhaps they don't know why I don't like deep water
Maybe It's because I didn't tell them how my mother tried to drown me when I was about four years of age
They wonder why I have trouble showing how I truly feel
maybe they can't see the wall that I've been building
with only one door
Sometimes people come knocking
I learn to trust them cautiously
Then I kinda just observe them without them without noticing of course
If they do leave
I don't feel any type of way
I expected it
Sooner or later
But if they stay
I start to question there motive
Β©makayla bailey
Just makayla
Written by
Just makayla  F
   ---, --- and Edmund black
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