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Apr 2018
You say I dont know how much you hate me
No. You dont get it. Trust me, I know.
You say I dont know how much you love me
No. You dont get it. Trust me, I know.
Even though your hate screams louder than any kiss you could bare for me
I still feel the splatters of love inking through the angry red
Even when your trying to remind me you love me I feel all the hatred hurling itself against your teeth for me
You say I dont know how much, but you have no idea how much of it I feel
You say I dont get it because all you see is me taking it with a blank face
You dont see how my skin boils when you are spitting venom down my throat
And you dont see the pink flushing in my chest when you bare me one of your "I love yous"
And you dont see my hate, how much mine wishes to rise to get yours out my face when it snarls at me
Because all I show you is my love, because thats how ******* strong I am
You have no idea how much it takes to reign in anger
You see your violent red and think it strong
And you see my tender feats and think me weak
Because you never see the grit of my teeth when I push out my sweet "I love you" instead of the "I ******* hate you right now" that dares to rise for the moment
"Why do you stay?" you ask
Because I dont hate you, I hate your hate
Thats how strong I am
Written by
Heavenly  18/F/United states
(18/F/United states)   
   Joel M Frye
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