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Oct 2012
The Autumn rain
Drenches the Earth
the leaves of trees
continue to burn...
While all around me
Gray falls cold and heavy.
My ego is weighted down
by the atmosphere around me.
My soul
the same consistency of fog
remains upright.
I grow lighter.
The rain falls through the gray world
like liquid diamonds
or Gods heavenly pearls...
I look down at my ego
mixing with the puddles of the ground
reflecting the fire
in the autumn trees.
In me.
Burning as rain falls
Cold and heavy and clean
All around and on everything.
As I stand ghost like in the street
I see beauty
in the saddened faces of those around me
Their egos too
Are being drowned
by the cold and heavy
Gray rain.
They cling to their bodies
like hungry kittens
climbing up your pant leg.
They don’t hear me when I whisper
β€œLet go.”
If only they could catch
Their reflection
In a puddle
and see the leaves of trees
On Fire
See themselves burning beautifully
As cold, heavy, clean
falls all around.
Gently cleansing
and washing
our Souls
And the trees
Another poem on seasonal depression. Which has always thrown me off because winter is my favorite season! It's when I'm the most me.
Theresa Grace
Written by
Theresa Grace
   Eudora and Timothy
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