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Apr 2018
I see the universe expanding
Has been for 13 billion years
While stardust breeding planets arose
And that Dark Energy I fear

Can’t understand Dark Energy or
700 trillion miles to bear
To reach Andromeda Galaxy
When water was discovered there

Believing acceleration slowed
For 200 billion galaxies
Science proved that hypothesis wrong
Questioning even more fallacies

Each newborn star illuminated
4 billion times stronger than our eyes
Their galaxies currently revealed
Expansion’s not slowing- surprise!

Brilliantly more supernovas flew
Among 100 billion stars
For all we know this still is true
No water or air- can’t live on Mars
just exploring my lifelong fascination with space, all those big numbers describing distances between planets, the moon and stars...I enjoy seeing the marvelous pictures captured, but would prefer keeping our Earth healthy to live here, not counting on Mars or finding another planet.
Terry Jordan
Written by
Terry Jordan  Boca Raton, FL
(Boca Raton, FL)   
         Zeljka Clark, ---, Valsa George, ---, Born and 38 others
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