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Oct 2012
The world is really only what we perceive it to be. I honestly believe nothing to be real. Only figments of a broken or even insane mind. How do we know what to believe when every other word leaving our lips is a lie.
Whether we lie to eachother, or even lie to ourselves, the world just continues to be an overflowing bucket of lies.
Like when a loved one dies, people say, time heals, or, it gets better, and we all say we're okay, but peel a layer back only to find pure misery beneath.
Because no matter how we try to mask the pain, with false attempts at moving on, and living in their memory,
You never stop missing them,
You never stop blaming yourself,
And not even for a second, do you stop wondering, if they knew how you really felt, and that all the anger was just emotion,
and as the saying goes, you really don't know what you got, till its gone,
and there really is no such thing, as moving on,
Sure, you pick up where you left off, and pretend you know how to move on, but they never leave your mind, ever, no matter what you do to get them out of your thoughts, they stay there.
Haunting your memory, and absolutely, no matter what you do, they'll never leave. Its a never dying presence of sorrow, that eats away at you, while theres nothing you can do to stop or even slow the process.
ughh,, times like this where I just want my mind to shut up.
Johnnie Rae
Written by
Johnnie Rae  21/F/New Jersey
(21/F/New Jersey)   
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