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Mar 2010
I was sure I held a certainty,
As sure as if I could touch.
Secure it would always be there,
And I treasured it so much.

I tended to it very diligently,
Acquired all the needed tools.
Followed all the instructions,
(Instructions written by fools.)

I nurtured it with loving care,
Offered all of the staple demands,
Listened to all of its' concerns,
Held it safely in both of my hands.

I presented it all, all of my own self,
Completely, not hoarding even a part,
Certain that the same care that I gave,
Would be returned in kind to my heart.

This delusion soon proved untrue,
And the effort I had given was denied.
I must have grasped it too tightly,
And the less I got, the harder I tried.

"I think I can still salvage this."
"Maybe I have misunderstood?"
For it was such a certainty.
I could try again. I should!

My good nature was overlooked,
My intentions; perceived wrong.
"That must be it! It had to be!"
Why would certainty say, "So long?"

I will send a letter just to make sure,
I will place just one more text,
No response? They weren't delivered!
Now what should I do next?

It can not be that I'm being ignored,
When I have given my best.
Then the words that burned like fire,
"Please just give it a rest."

I long for understanding,
To ease my spirits' mind.
And search so hard for answers
That I will never find.

And now I've been forgotten,
So forgotten I shall be.
Hoping soon that the reason,
Won't matter much to me.

And move on with the knowledge,
That there is no certainty.
deanena tierney
Written by
deanena tierney  41/F
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