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Mar 2018
Whats is the worst fear of all?
everyone one fears something
the dark
tight spaces

What do you fear?
well ill tell you mine!
its the worst fear of all
Thinking you dont know how to love
the one you love the most

since ive believed my whole life
that no one could love me
i loved no body
And now....
i love somebody

I dont know how to say it
I dont know how to show it
and now that love could be in jepardy
im afraid that someone might be able to show her love
better then me

and i love her whith all my heart
and all my being
its just showing it?
giving it to her
no matter how much i want to?
im horrible at love

but i will fight for her
i would **** for her
now that i can show!

but the worst fear of all?
is losing the love you love the most
.......Its a sad song....
Written by
starchild  16/Other/NightSky
   Raven and Eevee
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