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Oct 2012
The brilliant sun hides beneath the mountains tonight,
Leaving only a gallant glow between the skies in my sight.
The skies polluted to the darkened colors that glow anew,
The yellow resilience beneath the earth falls through.
And above such color holds the lightest shadow of tangerine,
Followed by red and purple too as these colors glean,
For between the mountains, flows a river ever so slowly,
Forever does it flow nonstop as much as prole.
For it reflects the pink and purple of the skies above,
Calling to the oceans for its streaming love.
Upon its bank grows the flowers of the greatest scent,
Until one stops and awaits to where such scene went.

What once a mountain, forever underground,
And what once a river, now a mere linear mound.
What once the skies that settle in the midst of night,
Only to drop beneath earth with its darkest might.
What once a forest that hugged the sides of the hills,
Burned by the greater peoples in order to fulfill,
Their dreams and desires of such greater place,
To build hotels and condos for the human race.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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