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Feb 2018
Cracks on the Armor of Hell

Yes it gets tight and suffocating to say the least,
That your shortness of breath is a sign that your closer to death,
But does that constitute justice for what you have done?
That while you were in your head,
From the outside,
All it looks like is that you are never going to face the dead.
Happiness is a funny thing that it looks like all I’m doing is having that gratifying fun,
You know the feeling!
Like when you bite into that honey bun.

The world brings you back in time to your youthful years of ****** this, and ****** that and don’t eat that because you are too fat,
Yes that is true, yes it isn’t false, it was said to me and all I can ever think about inside,
Is to just let me be,
So I formed this armor, and I drilled the holes so that they could all be blocked from what I see.

Believe it or not the world does the darkest things, but nothing was darker than within my armor,
No one could tell, because I felt like I could only fatally falter,
My spirit was trapped unbeknownst to me,
Where am I?i feel at a way of being lost that sometimes words can’t even explain emotions.  hell?
Have I done 10 years of life in jail?
Yes, you have, the world brought you thoughts that sent you to be confined by your lonesome.  
Within that armor, I created the greatest poem as I sipped in one sitting on that glorious jeroboam.
Written by
Firebuns9  28/M
   T R S
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