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Feb 2018
The ten speed biker was coasting down hill
about 20 MPH when he took a spill,
He's moving on, He's moving on!
He hit the brake a little too late, He's moving on!

The ten speed biker was do'n ok,
Till he an old Tom Cat got in his way,
He's mov'n on, he's a mov'n on.
He tried it to miss, but the ground he kissed,
He's mov'n on!

The 10 speed biker broke down in tears,
climbing up a hill he ran out of gears,
He's a-moving on, he's moving on.
He had to call his nurse, when he went in reverse,
He mov'n on, he's mov'n on!

The ten speed biker was a do'n  ok, till he saw a pretty girl,
and he looked her way, he's mov'n on, he's mov'n on.
His bike is a wreck and so is his neck, he's mov'n on.
                (She wasn't worth look'n at  any way)

Welll, the ten speed biker was hav'n no trouble,
Till he tried to ride through a big mud puddle,
He's a mov'n on,
Now he's filthy sight, and so is his bike
But he'll soon be mov'n on, be a mov'n on.

The 10 speed biker hit a serious cog,
When he got chased by a mangy ol' dog,
He tried mov'n (faster) on,
But he ran of of luck, 'n got bit in the ****,
He's mov'n (a little slower) but he's still mov'n on.

[This next stanza was written by my 7 yr. old Grandson.)
The ten speed biker do'n 'bout 25  and didn't see
the  big hornet hive, he's moving on, he's mov'n on.
You could him cry'n "I think Im dy'n!
He's mov'n on, yeah mov'n on!

(This last stanza is a true experience when I was 65 yrs old)
The ten speed biker had good control, till he waved at a friend,
and ran off the road, he stopped mov'n on,  stopped mov'n on.
Now he's sett'n home with  broken ribs and a collar bone ,
He' NOT  mov'n on! yeah he's NOT NO LONGER MOV'N ON!

[I didn't have all these experiences, but wrote this poem to
  an old country western song tune.   by G.E.Parson
Written by
Jerry Howarth  Topeka, Ks.
(Topeka, Ks.)   
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