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Feb 2018
I see my face on your screen,
Quick erase, but still shocked me.
They laughed away, embarrassing.
It's not my place, but that was mean.

You ran and hid, mortified.
Bowed your head, and tried not to cry.
Every now and then as we're passing by,
I still remember that one time.

He says that he loves me,
And that I'm beautiful.
But dear Alexander,
What is your goal?

I don't have these feelings,
And you can't have my heart.
Cause you could go steal it,
Then tear it apart.

In third grade, it's you I see.
The words you say, "Will you be with me?"
Your heart decayed, I'm so sorry.
For I'm afraid of love's disease.

Now look ahead, almost year nine.
We're on a ship and there's not a tide.
On the railing spread, I lean and sigh.
You're staring in my silver eyes.

You say that you'd love me,
From youth till were old.
But dear Alexander.
My love can't be sold.

And I keep on thinking,
What you'd do to my heart.
Would I fall down sinking?
Or would it be art?

You said you would be there,
Through all of my pain.
But do you really care,
About this pouring rain?

The choices have been spared,
You gave up week long.
At least I was prepared,
I knew all along!

No longer you love me,
The words that you've told.
And I should be happy,
But I have grown cold.

Anger is growing,
No effort depart!
I'm comforted knowing,
I still have my heart.
This was a song I wrote explaining why I  afraid to fall in love. I hope you like it!
Shanntelle Castle
Written by
Shanntelle Castle  14/F/Prefer not to say
(14/F/Prefer not to say)   
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