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Feb 2018
I am not a Sith

This unbearable hatred
Burns at an exhilarating heat
Powering me and teaching me
I am a Sith

I do it for my loved ones
I do it for honour
I do it for the money
I did it for power
I did it for me

With every step I take
Every breath I take
Every innocent I shake
I feel it quake and stir within
The anger

I miss her smile
I see her in my dreams
I know I’ll see her in awhile
When I lay filled with dread
I realize after what I’ve done
She has long been dead

Years have passed
Did we have a family
What were her last thoughts
Was it “what did I do”
Or maybe it was “goodbye my love”
I’ll never know because
I never had the chance
To ask her

I thought that the dark force
Would save me at my lowest
Only to find a secret sub level
Of despair and loneliness
I’m the monster of my own story

My energized blades shake
With the lack of power
The lack of anger
The shadow that hasn’t changed
Since I’ve changed my ways
I miss it
The thrill of slaughter

I am a sith
Jordan W
Written by
Jordan W  19/M/Guelph
     Elizabeth Been and Lior Gavra
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