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Feb 2018
Life sends arrows your way. Half of the time they don’t break skin, but when break past the skin they wedge deep. They don’t come out , so they stick around and every now and then the pain urges through you. So many arrows sink deep until you look like a pin quill, full of holes that run deep and can’t be filled. One day someone pure with no holes no arrows comes along, they start to fill your holes and tend your wonds. Until the day comes she sends the biggest arrow your way it rips and tears you apart and sends you flying. For an instant you could fly, then you fall and when we fall we hit hard so hard life ends. The arrows don’t stop when you life ends they keep coming but skin thickins and harddends until you can’t feel. It’s ok to not feel then the arrows don’t get through
Nothing gets through .
Written by
   Espresso manic
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