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Mar 2010
30 Days

A flaw in my personality, can be easily detected,
need lots of attention, or I get dejected,
just really can't stand, the thought of being rejected,
though I may seem cool, calm and collected

so I go out searching, looking for some action,
I hate spinning my wheels, getting no traction,
find me something fancy, new kind of attraction,
I need the whole enchilada, not merely a fraction

no I just can't stand, sitting idly by,
always needing something, I can catch on the fly,
got to keep busy, or my mind will go dry,
then I'll remember that I'm lonely, and I just my cry

Yeah I pretend that I'm tuff, I can take a hard fall,
when the pressure gets high, and my back's against a wall,
and I finally realize, there's just no one to call.
I reach in my pocket, and whip out a Pall Mall

gotta settle my nerves, get under control,
play my guitar real loud, and wait for the patrol,
to wrap me up, and shove me in a hole,
30 days should be enough, to locate my soul

well there's no real beginning, so I guess there's no end,
if your looking to me, for a message to send,
your in the wrong place, sorry my friend,
make up something new, yes I like to pretend

Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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