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Suicide by Cop Jan 2018
I write what I feel, what what I feel is worth writing about.

Fake artists fake emotion for fake friends

I’m fine and I’m done and I’m back up again

Passion drives the world. Things get done because people want them to.

Fake passion does harm, people live high and mighty and pretend like they care about anyone other than themselves.

I care about myself too
I care about my friends more.
Suicide by Cop Jan 2018
Every day I carry a weight on my shoulders

This is a Cold War but I’m the only soldier

I’m already 16 feet underground
I hear the voices in my head when no one else is around

I can’t just walk the street by myself anymore
They get louder

There’s more of them now
I can barely overpower them

But I’m not alone anymore, at least for now
While you’re here with me the voices settle down
Suicide by Cop Jan 2018
I don’t sleep anymore.
Sometimes I don’t eat
I heard depressed rats don’t eat
I’m a rat.
People don’t like rats

— The End —