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Jan 2018
Mountains high and valleys low
A voice that was strong
A man determined in bringing us together where we belong
The man being Dr. Martin Luther King
Influence was his thing
Injustice was nothing more than a sting
Dr. King’s speeches being his teachings
While many were stuck in darkness
It was Dr. King who shed the spotlight
But Dr. King provided the beacon with might
He knew the injustice could no longer prevail
But that was the theory being Dr. King’s trail
One’s race shouldn’t be a separation
Mockery has no place
A delete being an erase
Washington, DC saw that new day
Multitudes from all over the U.S. nation
This was an occasion to break the chains and be free
Dr. King opened America’s and the world’s eyes
Yet this educated Washington, DC in needing to be wise
Voice of virtue
It was a mission in bonding hand in hand
The ashes began to clear
It was time to step out and have no fear
A world having an understanding
The sun rose again
A new chapter with a tomorrow
Heads held high out of sorrow
Vintage becoming our daily heritage
It’s an honor to know about Dr. Martin Luther King being a privilege
But this doesn’t take away of all others who were involved
This was definitely a problem that needed to be resolved
My fist is raised having the power
Freedom is hour by hour
Remembrance to Dr. Martin Luther King now and forever more.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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