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Jul 11
to those who misunderstand my enthusiasm
for poetry and people; I am oft too open
too willing to engage, excited by locating kindred souls,
sometimes causing confusion and misunderstanding;

I will come into the new year,
lower in profile, slower to eagerness
and anticipating life changes next year,
somewhat of an about face; more facing inward,
and examining the mirror'd reflectionΒ Β 
in quiet contemplation

with eager eyes embrace
the lovely poem and the lovely author,
over eager in my enthusiasm,
oft mistook, end result, forsook,
if my embrace was misunderstood,
accept this apology with better grace

ample changes prophesied for the coming year;
so all is well if I look to the within for inspiration,
for tumult aplenty foreseen

laid low? lay low...
Nat Lipstadt
Written by
Nat Lipstadt
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