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Dec 2017
I've been thinking about it all day long,
From the moment I first saw your photos,
To the moment I made my first move,
Anxiety was plaguing itself all over myself.
I was on cloud ten if it ever existed,
You played along like we were more than acquaintances,
And fell real hard for sweet praises,
The long-term settings were already on preset.
I fell too hard for you,
Implicating severe insanity to me,
An insanity that cost me my dignity,
As you revealed that was only a one night stand,
Although indirectly it was still a clarion call for me,
But to no avail your bizzare qualities got me shook.
Trading my dignity for your leaky attention,
I wasn't the jack of all trades,
Like the jack on the cards I felt more of myself,
You sent me packing when you left me for dead,
For now I would carry a knapsack with a clear statement,
I have fallen so hard for your true beauty my fair maiden,
But gambled everything risking to get it.
In the end,
The house always wins.
I was the biggest loser.
Ameer Mikhail
Written by
Ameer Mikhail  17/M/Malaysia
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