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Dec 2017
i am scared to be an inferior,
when i am in the crowd of superiors,
and guess what i say,
why is it me to be a weak tear?
why shall i not bear the feelings that the outer world would bear?
Those festive ,joy and mercy,
for those growing up children one of them named Percy,
small children snatching for a chocolate bar named Percy,
i don't feel all that,
is it because i am scared that someday i shall disappear,
this a mere foolishness to think those people say,
but my reply is ,
what for a person who is lost in the bay?
gloomed and colored by people in grey,
that's the thing easy to say,
but only i know how i pay and repay,
because i list my bloods feelings only once in a year that is  in may,
claim that as a diary day,
because i, i am scare to be an inferior.
someday someone appeared like an etch,
and for me became a last bucket to fetch,
made a lighting hope in my respiratory set.
a sight maker  it named,
i bet,
but stayed just till the sunset,
and told better you better remove that word inferior from your brains net,'because i see something in you that i can get,
you are more superior than you can guess,
so don't worry and make your unique brain's mess,
i can guide you as you rest,
and someday you can be the best,
that sight maker came everyday and became like a pet,
and then got in my heart and became a part of that complex set,
helped to remove that word inferior,
and replacing it by superior,
it just explained me that could not appear,
expounded me that get into your heart's depth,
that would make you feel happier.
                                      Vishvi   AURORA
Written by
Vishvi Aurora  16/F/India
     Γ€Ε§ΓΉl, Kim and daisy
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