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Nov 2017
It’s Adam
The father of mankind
Today I saw the price of eating the fruit
And I saw death in his eyes
And viewed ****** in my son

I was going out to see my sons Abel and Cain
To ask them how the sacrifice was
And how the face of God looked
I hoped they looked forward to seeing God
As much as I did
I wanted them to experience God for themselves
I was not prepared for what I was about to see
No one could be

I saw Cain on his knee
With a rock by his hand
The rock was full of blood
But there was no sacrifice around
And Cain normally gave the fruit of the land
So I was puzzled
And to my horror
Abel was lying on the floor
Like he was asleep
But he was not asleep
And did not make a sound
Abel was still
The way a sacrifice would be
After we had killed it…. Oh no!

What happened?
Cain got up slowly
And said
The words came out so fast
A wild animal attacked me and Abel
And I had to save myself……
I raised my hand as a father
Cain, stop lying to me
Lying is bad for our language
It gets put onto its belly
What happened to your brother
He snarled at me
And turned his face away
When he looked at me
I recognized that face
But I never thought I would see it again
It was the face of the serpent
After God told him he was cursed
To go on his belly.

Cain shouted
And threw up his hands
Like I told your God
I am not my brother’s keeper
We were just born to Mother
This is our only bond
But the bond is no more
I was shocked at such words
But I slowly realized
Exactly what Cain did to his brother
Cain was not the Promise
Cain was against the Promise!
He was the……child of the snake
Sent to fight the Promise

I stepped closer
I saw, something on Cain’s head
What is that?
That was not there yesterday
I pointed and said to Cain
What is that mark on your head?
Did you fall?
Cain sneered at me
I could feel his contempt
Fall? No!
Your God put his hands on me
And touched this to my head
The pain almost killed me
But your God did not
Because he is weak
Now no man can **** me
Or he would be cursed worse than me
Now I am free
And I don’t have to follow your God
God himself cannot **** me
Man does not have the power to
It is like when you ate the fruit.
So much good has come out of
Abel being no more

I replied curtly Get Out
Leave my presence
You are not my son
My son is dead and his life is on the ground
I never want to see your face again
If you come back
That mark will not save you
Because I will take on that other curse
And God help me
If he cannot **** you
I certainly can
So you will be no more
Cain started running
And I was left alone with Abel
I cannot tell Eve what happened
This is the worst day
Since the day I was kicked out of the garden.
The Promise never seemed farther away
God help us all.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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