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Nov 2017
Have you ever felt that no matter what, you wont quit
Like if Cinderella put on the slipper and the shoe don’t fit.
And her stepsisters barge in and say let me try and put.
The slipper on again because I am sure it was the wrong foot.
Now Cinderella is watching, and her heart is in the grip of fears.
They say they'll break a foot if they have to make the slipper theirs.
To make matters worse, the sister says they would all move on out.
Except for Cinderella, they say she has to care for step mom’s gout.
These sisters would be in the castle, while you remain a servant be
I’m sure Cinderella hoped that something good happen urgently.
None of the sister’s feet fit, and one sister wonders if she could wear it on her face?
By any means she's determined to be sure the shoe fits someplace.
Cinderella thought, Better the face, to cover you up so that other’s cant see.
That thing on top of your neck that is a monstrosity.
But the prince is puzzled, and examines the slipper very closely.
It turns out there is a quarter stuck in it, and so he takes it out.
When Cinderella tries it on again, the shoe fits and there is no doubt.
Written by
Michael Kusi  28/M
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