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Jul 2012
March 10, 2010 at 11:26 pm

I'm lost in translation,
For a language....does my life be,
In each & every situation,
There's much that I can't see,
The times of meditation,
The times I know what's me,
In dots lies my consolation,
In the question marks it does flee,
Every second of desperation,
Is like drowning in a sea,
In me, I feel I am a nation,
Endless thoughts from which I can't break free,

What a total illusion !!
The future seems a million mile,
& the great confusion,
The past seems a one-second while,
A dream I cherish ,the love suffusion,
That dream oppose the world & rile,
The only left mere solution,
To choose to enter the death isle,
Or here's what is a dead conclusion,
To let the world erase my smile,
But I'll always allow the fusion,
Of love & passion in my lifestyle,

I can see souls of passion & pain,
Some lovely written letters in gold,
Matters not fleshes or colours or a strain,
I see the young just like the old,
In capital or small alike on the lane,
Some are warm & others are cold,
Some sell them letters for nothing to gain,
But to the life in hell they're sold,
Some bleed pain like drops of rain,
U cannot count, u cannot hold,
But the wise ,a word, they attain,
From humble letters forming the untold,

I see some letters roving alone,
Espying the grief of the lovelorn,
Each letter lost the life they've known,
In all their doubts & their mourn,
Every heavy heart became a stone,
& them letters became forlorn,
How would it be some reason shown,
In their lives & hearts that are torn??
Think of this present not the unknown,
For the grieving we're never born,
For every night must have a dawn,
But them reason does be the scorn,

I'm Peter not Judas, I stand when I fall,
From strikes of time I learn to rise,
I'm Solomon who built every holly wall,
I can see the truth through a million lies,
I'm David who loved God above the all,
For God's the world in such poet's eyes,
I'm the lost son who lost control,
Who'd from his father the forgiving prize,
I'm the mislaid sheep, once a devil's doll,
But now my morbid sin I realize,
I am God's son the only one I call,
The one who embrace me in his skies,

Oh, poor alone I stand,
I linger in some reality's dream,
So distant & lost in a faraway land,
This ardent fire of passion does seem,
Like some springs of life flowing to my hand,
Out of my soul a running stream,
Upon pillars of salt & pillars of sand,
Stood their castles of no sun can glow or gleam,
Altogether my thoughts do band,
To form a code the all esteem,
Though I am the one whom the life strand,
But also I'm whom God did redeem...**

Written by
   Jayanta and Emilie
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