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Nov 2017
Yo, I didn't think it could get any worse.
Except now i'm sitting here alone.
I must have a curse.
My best friend left because of where I found a home
for my heart.

She is my everything I don't understand why she's gone.
Is my happiness really that toxic.
Could it really be that bad.
Could it just be.Me?

It doesn't really matter now.
I'm alone and drowning in my demons.
Ice and smoke , I must be dreamin'
I've let myself bleed and I let myself bow,
to the new king

I am not me, I'm ruled by darkness and hate and sadness alike.
She left me and now I have nowhere to turn.
I've called for help, but that's when they strike.
Bad habits, Bad feelings, Bad drugs, that's what i'll learn.
**** **** **** **** i can actually feel myself slipping. hes going to leave soon, ill end up doing something he hates, and then ill actually die ill be truly alone and nobody will care. IF THEY HAD CARED THEY WOULDNT HAVE LEFT.
Written by
Sie  22/F/Colorado
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