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Sep 2017
chained to you
how could it be
when you were somehow
chained to me
i can not leave
i am stuck here
as i cry
a single tear
if i leave
you might just die
i threatened
and heard you cry
but for you to not
cause any pain
i must hurt
myself in vain
i’d rather me hurt
than hear you cry
i’d rather be killed
than see you died
so now i’m chained
where i can’t leave
wrist to wrist
in cold metal
hand in hand
once happily
i caused you to
make slits in your skin
remove the band-aids dear
i’m here for you now like i was then
i wasn’t going to forever leave
i was going to stay by your side
but even if i threaten minorly
the pain on your wrists will arise
so i’ll stay chained to you
so you won’t jump off that cliff
if my wrists are chained to yours
you can make no more slits
Written by
Sprkinthedrk  F
     JC and REY
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